How the cricket lost its song

Title slide is present & contains all necessary information (see guidelines) – Formatting follows guidelines and all slides are clear and readable Citation slide is included & formatted correctly 1) Introduction – Appropriate amount of text on slides (important info is included, but no full sentences, etc.) – Structured BROAD to Narrow – Includes clear […]

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The Notorious Jumping Frog and “The Luck of Roaring Camp”

Establish a clear thesis that answers the question posed, supplies the response’s purpose and provides a structure for the entire response Unless otherwise specified, integrate material from the reading Be organized in a well-developed paragraph structure that unifies supporting details, and makes clear connections among ideas Present a logical and well-developed argument Be written in […]

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View the video for this assignment, then write at least a 3 paragraph discussion regarding the video and describe employment discrimination and the protections afforded under the major federal anti-discrimination statutes, and explain the role of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC).

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Target experienced a major credit/debit card breach in November and December, 2013, which put 40 million shoppers at risk for credit and debit card fraud. Explain how this security breach impacted Target in the areas below, and incorporate the effect of the breach into your analysis. Go to: (copy and paste into the address […]

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MGT3120 Khan’s Case Study

Facts about the case. Just bullet points 2a) Point out 4 issues and 3 solutions for each. In a detailed paragraph explain way to solve, include pluses and minuses for solution. 2b) State how you would overcome negatives on one of your issues , and state how you would apply your recommendations in a paragraph […]

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Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Review CCHMC’s system level measures ( What do you think about CCHMC’s policy of transparency? Are they being too open with their performance data? How transparent are your organizations in reporting data?

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Social Work and Human Services

Part 1: Spend some time exploring this interactive database, built by ProPublica. This database allows you to explore racial disparities in education, opportunities, and discipline. Included are 96,000 public and charter schools from 17,000 school districts. Choose any school systems you would like. Here is the database: Then please respond to the three reflective […]

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Listen to the podcast episode “The Science of Hoops” from the NPR show The Indicator from Planet Money, available at this link: This episode discusses the rise in popularity of the three-point shot in basketball. Use concepts that we have learned in Econ 120 this semester how an economist would explain why the three-point […]

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The Aftermath of a Fight or Regrettable Event is a couples’ therapeutic intervention that was developed by John and Julie Gottman through their work over the past thirty years at researching and treating couples. In this assignment, students will reflect on a regrettable even from one of their relationships with an adult with whom they […]

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Business Studies

Define SWOT analysis and provide an example of how such an analysis could be applied to a specific business.

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