Privacy Policy

You are a valued customer and we will take every possible precaution to ensure that your personal information (name, address, credit card number, details of order) remains private and inaccessible. We will not share your information with anyone, so it remains 100% confidential.

When you use our academic assistance services, you will find that at some pages you will have to enter personal information that you might consider delicate. This information might include name, phone number, address and email address. This information will only be required out of absolute necessity, and will be used as means of making direct contact with you regarding information about your order. In our commitment to your confidentiality, we will never sell, or otherwise disclose your information to any third parties. Any information that you provide us with will be used only for the purpose of billing and the completion of your order.

Our company is interested in the ways that our customers and visitors find and use our site. We do collect information based on your IP address. This information is kept for statistical purposes only, and to make the site more user-friendly for all users. Personal information gained from your IP address will never be disclosed to third parties.

Our company posts links to other websites that have content relating to that which can be found on our site. However, these sites have their own privacy policies which you must peruse on your own. We are not responsible for the policies contained on those 3rd party sites.

Your security is extremely importance to us; therefore, your payments will only be made through the most secure methods. We use, which provides the most secure and convenient payment on the internet. Not only will your payments be processed quickly and accurately, but complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

It is always possible for you to set your browser to accept or reject cookies from this site. However, please note that the choice not to accept cookies may limit the services or features that you can access.

This privacy statement is a dynamic document and may be modified in the future to keep it up to date with current trends and technological advancements. Please revisit our Privacy page periodically to stay informed of any changes that may be made in the future.

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