Social Work and Human Services

Part 1:
Spend some time exploring this interactive database, built by ProPublica. This database allows you to explore racial disparities in education, opportunities, and discipline. Included are 96,000 public and charter schools from 17,000 school districts.

Choose any school systems you would like.

Here is the database:

Then please respond to the three reflective questions below.

Question 1: Reflect upon your exploration of ProPublica’s Miseducation database. What did you discover? What was surprising, what was not? What do you want to know more about?

Question 2: Reflect upon your own educational experiences that proceeded college. What things do you think your schools did well? In what ways did you feel let down?

Question 3: Now think about the video you watched featuring Dr. Geoffrey Canada and the Promise Academy? What do you find uplifting about this model? What concerns do have?

Part 2: This part is based on the case studies of David, George, Nina, and Craig as discussed in “Out of School Suspensions of Black Youths: Culture, Ability, Disability, Gender, and Perspective” by Wendy Haight, Misa Kayama, & Priscilla Anne Gibson. Please answer the following 5 question below:

Question 1: David: The Intersection of Race and Disability – What stands out to you about David’s case? In what ways were David’s biopsychosocial-spiritual needs being met? In what ways were they not?

Question 2: George: The Intersection of Race and Culture – What stands out to you about George’s case? What do you believe are the most challenging aspects of George’s case? What strengths do you see?

Question 3: Nina: The Intersection of Race and Gender and the Sexual Objectification of Black Girls – What stands out to you about Nina’s case? Imagine you are the school social worker at Nina’s school. Discuss three things that would be important for you to consider when providing to support for her.

Question 4: Craig: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Criminality – What stands out to you about Craig’s case? Discuss the ways Craig’s social identity was impacted by this experience. What are the future implications?

Question 5: Wrapping Up – Both Bryan Stevenson and the article discuss the power of identity. What are these themes as related to identity? What resonates with you regarding the power of identity and social justice?

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