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Types of Essays


There are different types of essays namely, argumentative essays, descriptive essays, expository essays, narrative essays, compare and contrast essays and evaluation essays among others.

Argumentative essays – an argumentative essay fosters opinion in writing and the writer attempts to convince the reader about an aspect of a topic through the development of a good thesis statement. After creating a proper plan, a favorable topic is identified. The writer should then choose a theme that has two conflicting perspectives from which he or she makes a stand. The chosen perspective must be clearly brought out in writing to garner the comprehension and persuasion of the reader. The position taken should be supported by relevant and reliable sources.

Descriptive essays – refers to essays that describes points and ideas in the topic without altering or attempting to influence the reader’s opinion. These essays employ metaphorical language and imagery in the content. The description should include abstract and concrete ideas. Creative writing skills will enable the writer to come up with an interesting descriptive essay.

Expository essays – these are essays with factual meanings on the topic and they can describe, explain or analyze ideas or events. Therefore, words used in a set of questions by the instructor such as explain and describe prompt the writer on how to develop his or her essay. Just as any other type, the expository essay contains the introduction, a coherent body text and a comprehensive conclusion. The information and analysis in expository essays attempt to explain the topic and the theme chosen according the thesis statement.

Narrative essays – the writer creatively tells a story with an aim of convincing the reader in the literary work. The language and content used by the writer in a narrative essay portrays his or her creative skills in developing an excellent story. Aside from communicating the theme of the topic, a narrative essay exposes the writer’s own experience or that of another person. Through proper identification of an experience and its significance in the assignment, the writer can come up with a concise draft of basic details. The draft is then reviewed for further improvement and the result is a polished narrative essay that is influential.

Compare and contrast essays – this type of academic paper follow a specific structure that is related to the specific topic. It encompasses a brief and precise introduction with a clear thesis statement, separate descriptions of the two topics being compared and contrasted, a section on the analysis of the two topics combined and a substantial conclusion. The thesis statement in the first paragraph must be clearly reflected in the conclusion.

Evaluation essays – these are essays with complete analyses for the chosen topic. By using facts and statistics, the writer evaluates written materials, performances or movies. An evaluation essay must have a sound conclusion after the writer explores both the positive and negative aspects of the topic.

A well formatted evaluation essay should have a striking introduction that captivates the reader in the particular topic. The writer employs a rigorous research process to give him or her adequate information for analysis. Unlike other essays, which are bent towards opinionated writing, an evaluation essay has clearly illustrated facts.


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