World Affairs


            Human beings were created in the image of God. This image has an innate sense of a common goodness that we have been created to posses as human beings. In life, not one person would love to see the other suffer and that is why when there is an accident or calamity people rush to the scene to help their fellow human being. Several countries and international organizations have ventured into activities that have been geared towards the greater good of the human species.  One individual who shows these common good is billionaire Bill Gates. Assisted by his wife Melinda, together they run the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

            Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is a non-profitable philanthropic organization funded by Bill Gates and other co-sponsors. It has assets of fifteen guiding principles that help define the approach to the philanthropic work conducted by the organization and in recruitment and employment of staff. The foundation has leadership that includes co-chairs, a board of trustees and management committee. There is also the Bill gates foundation Trust, which conducts operations and grant making. It has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Other offices are distributed around the world.

            Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has grants in global development where they fund different areas including: agricultural development in third world countries since most countries depend on agriculture, financial services for the poor providing microfinance, water, sanitation and hygiene to reduce the spread of water borne diseases by providing clean and safe water for human consumption. The foundation has special initiatives that will help reduce poverty such as provision of libraries, alleviation of urban poverty and participation in emergency services like aid in mud slides and earth quakes and also during drought and dry spells in third world countries. They also have policy advocacy to bring lasting solutions to the poor. They work to increase awareness of global development issues.

 Another major area that the foundation grants is health care. Under this, the foundation harnesses advance in science and technology to save lives of people in poor countries. Focus is put on health matters and problems even though the foundation gets little or no funding from other organization and governments. International organization also want to carry out their activities away from private organizations Education on sustainable ways to improve delivery is offered. In addition, knowledge on the importance of treatment, medicine and diagnostics by the well trained staff that is employed by this foundation and its partners. There is also much care and priority allocated to the fight and prevention of HIV and AIDS, malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, eccentric and diarrheal diseases and other infectious and neglected diseases.

Bill and Melinda gates foundation also has programs in the United States that deal with early learning whereby  they ensure successful graduation of high school students, emergency relief, high school programs, and family homelessness, construction of libraries, community grants for development, post secondary education and scholarships. Under special initiatives, the foundation explores ways of increasing opportunities to respond to unique situations and challenges in the United States. Other issues such as government policies and financing local communities are also discussed.   

Bill and Melinda Gates are individuals who have relentlessly shown this common good. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is an organization, which has continually helped individuals and together they are achieving the greater good. This family does this because Bill feels that those who run big businesses should be able to give back to the society as a way of appreciation. Bill in fact, requests other billionaire to do the same. Furthermore, Melinda feels it is the obligation of those who have to help those who are less fortunate in the society.

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