Virtual Time Capsule

Virtual Time Capsule

The Letter

Re: What happens in the late twentieth century and the early twenty first century?

In the future, I know that everything that is going on today will be foregone and new things will be created. I write this letter to inform you of how the past is like and how the people in the past have been doing their things, how they feel, their habits and the dreams about the future. At this time, people follow a certain daily routine, which is very common to all.

In my daily routine, I usually start with going to school since I am a student. After school, I go to the field for practice since I am a football player. When I finish my practice, I usually visit the treatment centre where I volunteer in helping the needy and the sick in getting medical attention. I finish my day by spending quality time with my girlfriend where we can watch a movie, go for dancing or go for dinner together. However, during the weekends, the routine is very different because instead of going to school, I usually start my day by going to work. Later I go to the football practice. At night, I usually go for parties with my girlfriend or with my friends.

I have a habit of listening to music and dancing everywhere to the beats of music that I usually listen in my phone, which helps me in cooling down my stress. Another habit that I have is watching the television and reading something every time before I go to sleep. What I feel about these days is that people do not have time to communicate and show the love as it was in the past. Additionally, I feel that people do not have enough time for creativity because there is no room for creativity. What I dream about the future is that I would like a future where people get to spend sometime sharing that love moment with one another. Additionally, I would love a future where people are doing much of the creativity instead of letting the machines do all the work for them. This is because I do not want all the love sharing to end.

Yours truly,


Morality and decision-making

            Morality can be defined as that option or decision that one makes in the process of life. In this decision, there is usually a right and a wrong option, which are used to describe morality. At this time and age, morality is usually taught to the children as they grow up by their parents but at a certain point one becomes knowledgeable about what is right or wrong without even being taught by their parents. In addition, morality can be displayed in other forms like in songs, movies, poetry and many other works of art. In this case, the form of art communicates a message to the viewer about a moral issue of what the artists think is right or wrong (Janaro, 2009). Therefore, morality can be said to start at home and continues to grow as a person grows. The environment in which a person grows determines the moral values of a person.

Definition of happiness

            Happiness can be defined as the point at which a person is very relaxed and does not have any problems disturbing him or her. However, happiness can be very different from one person to another because what one believes or perceives to be happiness, might not be the same for another person. Additionally, people think that having a good life, in terms of being rich, is happiness but one can be rich and has a good life but is not happy (Janaro, 2009). From a religious and reality point of view, happiness can be seen as that point when somebody is at peace with everything despite what material possession of things he or she has.

Significant literary work

             A significant short story that is not supposed to be forgotten in the next one hundred years is the story, “No pain no gain.” It is a moral short story for the young children. It is a cartoon pictorial story of people carrying their cross like the time Jesus carried His cross before He was crucified. The cross seems to be heavy and the people need a lot of energy to carry it. One of the people, who are carrying the cross, asks the Lord whether he could cut of a piece so that it could be lighter. The Lord accepts and he cuts a piece. After continuing carrying the cross, the person asks the Lord again whether it was possible for him to cut of a piece so that it could be lighter. The lord accepts the person cuts of a piece of wood from the cross. The person continues to ask the Lord to cut of a piece of the cross so that it could be lighter until the person becomes satisfied because the cross is lighter. It is worth noting that the rest of the people in the picture have being carrying their cross all through. After carrying their cross for sometime, they reach a point where the earth is separated and they are required to pass using what they have to cross to the other side. However, the person who has been complaining and has been carrying a short piece of the cross cannot pass because his cross is too short.

The significance as to why the short story should be included in the future is because it is a moral teaching for the children. The children are taught to work hard so that they can have a happy life or enjoy the fruits of their labor. Additionally, the short story shows the methods that our culture is using to teach the children about morality. The reason why this short story should be preserved and not the others are because; this will be helpful for the future generation in teaching their children about morality because morality does not change whether in the past or in the future. Therefore, it is best to use it as compared to the others.

A significant work of art or architecture

            A significant work of architecture that should not be forgotten in the future is the residential houses in Carlinville, Illinois. These wooden houses were built in the early twentieth century by those people who stayed there. The houses are like work of art where they contain beautiful roofs, nicely done windows that have a semi-circular shape on top and a beautiful deco of the thin polished wood. The houses contain all the amenities that are useful for a family to live in comfort and be happy.

The reason as to why these houses should be included in future is that they are very comfortable, beautiful and classic. These houses have a homely kind of feeling that one develops upon seeing them and when one is inside them. Additionally, these houses are not sophisticated; they are very simple and beautiful. The houses contain a lot of wealth about the culture of the people during the time they were built. This is because of the different shapes and the simplicity that they have. These houses should be maintained in the future as compared to any other kind of work because they show the people of the future the abilities and creativity that was with the people who built them. Moreover, they can be used as teachings.

A significant song or groups of songs

            When it comes to music, the group of music that should not be forgotten in future and should be recognized is the blues. This group of music is slow and has a soothing kind of beat. The music contains a message that touches the hearts. Most of the times, the blues are usually love songs where the singer or the musician communicates to his or her loved one by showing how he or she feels. In conjunction to this, this kind of music can be sad and sorrowful. Therefore, the music is about feelings regardless of whether they are sad or happy.

The reason as to why this group of music should not be forgotten is that it contains an element of soothing and relaxing people their heart. As compared to what is expected in future, the music shows the creativity of how people showed love to their loved ones. This group of music shows the kind of culture, which the people have, and how the people express their feelings. The reason as to why this group of music should not be forgotten as compared to the other groups of music is that they have that connection of the heart as compared to the other groups.

A significant film

            In the film category, the kind of film that should be watched even in the past is “Baby doll” written by Tennessee Williams. This movie is about a woman who behaves like a baby doll where she likes to play with her husband despite the seriousness of the situation. In this culture, in a marriage men are supposed to take care of women while the women are the homemakers. However, in the movie, the woman does many things like working and lying to her husband and yet it is a taboo in this culture. It ends with the woman living her husband in a very sad situation. In general, this film is about how the cultural marriage setting was in relation to the different roles men and women played in a marriage.

The reason as to why this film should be watched in future is because at first, it is very dramatic and secondly it contains the different settings of a home. This film shows the cultural marriage, how it looks and the different roles played by the men and women in a marriage. Additionally, this movie could be important in the future because it will educate the people of the future about the culture of marriage. Moreover, the film indicates the point at which the different roles women in a marriage started to change. The reason as to why the film should not be forgotten and yet there are so many others is because it contains that drama of the culture on how a marriage started to change as compared to the other possible films.

A significant item

            The plate is one of the objects that people of the future should continue using. It is a round object with an indentation at the middle. The indentation may be deep or shallow depending on the type. It is usually made of metal, glass or plastic. Generally, plates are used for eating food where people serve hot food on them. Before the plate was invented, people used to eat food from where it was being cooked. The plates are very beautiful and they contain beautiful drawings or writings, which communicate about the culture of the people.

The reason why the plates should not be forgotten in the future is that it brought civilization when it comes to eating. People can now be able to eat at ease without causing any mess at the table. Additionally, it is because that different people are able to share a meal with one another without using the same place. The different works of art that are contained in the different pictures communicate about the culture at this point in time and show the  creativity that man had at this time. The reason as to why the plate should be remembered as compared to the other objects is that it marked the beginning of civilization and cleanliness in the dining table.



Janaro, R. P. (2009). The Art of Being Human: The Humanities As A technique for living. New York, NY: Pearsons Publishers.

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