U.S. History to 1877

Your Highness, I am a renowned businessperson in South Wales, where over the last 20 years I have built an expansive empire that has brought in numerous profits. Three years ago, I was honored when you recognized my efforts and knighted me hence I became Sir John Strangeway. However, 1587 has been a very difficult year, and the economic decline has stared to take a toll on my property. My hard-earned fortunes and estates are rapidly declining; I have now suffered heavy losses for the last six months consecutively. I am a faithful taxpayer, and over this time, I have also had to remit less to the government, because I am earning less. Therefore, not only do I suffer as a result of the tough economic situation, but the English state also loses its income through reduced tax collections, thus she risks losing her supremacy.

It is for this reason that I kindly request your permission and support to plant a colony in the New World. I am a very entrepreneurial individual and if I were to receive your support in this venture, I would bring in profits and create new wealth for the English state within just a few months. The New World’s massive resources are yet to be fully exploited by the natives; this means that if I strategically planted a colony there, I would reap massive profits that would enable me to recover from my current personal and economic hardships. I have been informed by Sir Elton Humming who you gave permission to explore the New World a month ago, that there is gold and silver in this new land. This, if fully exploited will increase England’s wealth immensely and also make us a superior nation in the entire world.

I also think that it beats logic to let the New World lay idle and under-utilized while we have the knowledge and resources necessary to turn it into a profitable venture. This is necessary especially now when England is facing very tough economic conditions. Therefore, I beseech you Your Highness to offer me the financial and moral support I require to plant a colony in the New World. If you support me in this venture, I vow that I will make you and the state proud.
























Bancroft, G., History of the colonization of the United States, Volume 1, C.C. Little & J. Brown, New York, NY: 1841



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