The Use of Rhyme, Harmony, Melody and Accompaniment in a Song

The Use of Rhyme, Harmony, Melody and Accompaniment in a Song

            Song writing comprises of several parts that outline a given structure that is accompanied by both the rhyme and melody. Songs have different appeals to both the listener and the writer thus several factors are considered in order to bring forth the song in an engaging way. Many songs have the modern six-stanza standard that gives the time specifications of the song. Instrumentals are added in a song in order to add the appealing mood of the song sequentially to capture the attention of the listener. Some music elements have the influence on the emotional tendency of the listener while others have the element of bringing joy and entertainment. The use of harmony and melody give the music the attention character in order for the listener to hear the message in the music. This is because some music intends to pass a particular message to the listener and therefore the word diction in these songs is perfectly defined. Hence, words in the music can be emphasized with rhyme, melody, harmony and instrumentals.

The melody used in Handel’s “there were shepherds abiding in the field” from the oratorio Messiah, gives the listener the ability to keep on remembering the words of the song due to the appealing nature of the melody. In many instances, the use of melody structure is very vital in enabling the singer to make the music flow and thus have the coherence of the words. Therefore, the use of melody in this case is very important in enhancing flow of the music for which it gives the appealing character to the listener. Many songwriters consider the fact that music without melody is called rap music. For that reason, in order for musicians to distinguish their music with the rap music, they must define the melody system of the song. Every musician has his unique melody for which he or she can be identified with; this gives them the recognition benefit that the audience is able to recognize the song of a particular musician. On the other hand, in the song “The Bird”, Jannequin uses the melody to show the coherence nature of his song though ensuring that his words in the song have a similar rhyming scheme thus enhancing flow and the melody of the music.

The use of rhyme in the music gives the song the property of being remembered by the listener. In this way, the writer of the song highlights the words that he wants the listener to keep on recalling. Consequently, the act of passing the message to the listener can be emphasized using rhyme and the melody. In many instances, harmony in a song gives the peaceful effect to a song for which this affects the listener emotionally. Berg’s song “Wozzeck” is not the type of a song that people would want to listen to the words, but the use of harmony and the rhyming tone gives the song an appealing notion that affects the listener emotionally. In addition, the accompaniment of an instrumental in a song only assists the work of the songwriter to be presentable to the listener. However, a song can be much appealing on the side of instrumental more than the lyrics. Such instances occur in the rap music where the songwriter only focuses just on the message that he is portraying. The Jannequin song about the bird mostly involves the romance message and thus it should be accompanied by an instrumental that has harmony or an accompaniment. In such cases, the writer intents to elaborate his or her inner feeling towards the subject of the song hence, passing the same influence to the listener.

The musical element that has been portrayed in the work of these musicians is perceived to change when the song reaches its climax. In addition, the tonal variation of the song implies that the writer has reached the climax of his song where the message is emphasized through rhymes. The melody and the texture of the song are very vital elements that show that the writer’s words can be heightened in the song. Therefore, the write arranges the words of his song with respect to the areas where he wants to highlight. In other words, the writer use the rhyme on the words that he intents to emphasize.

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