The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story

In the early times, most movies were produced in conformity to the technique of screwball comedies. This means that they were characterized by absurd situations and wacky characters. The Philadelphia Story revolves around the life of Tracy Lord, a wealthy divorcee of Philadelphia whose life takes a mysterious turn when she has to pick a lover from Dexter, Connor and George; a set of three men that she has feelings for. Tracy is a very snobbish and is depicted as somehow being illiterate. In addition, she comes out strongly as a generous woman. The movie begins by showing the separation of Tracy and her husband Dexter. They cannot tolerate each other and have decided to divorce. After two years, Tracy decides to get married to George, who was a once poor man but is now a millionaire.

Cavall clearly brings out the differences among the three men through their characterization. George is portrayed as a jealous man. This quality leads to Tracy jilting him and choosing Dexter; he shows her true love. Dexter views her as a kind of goddess who deserves the best of everything. Another instance is shown when Cavall brings out the comedy aspect of the story when Mike is carrying Tracy from the water. It is here that the three men in Tracy’s life meet and make a fool of themselves as they compete for her attention. George her fiancé is left guessing what could have led to the present moment. As they make their suggestions, Dexter chooses to listen to them in silence. He is not even deterred by Mike’s apparent victory at the moment.

Tracy seeks true love and she realizes that George does not understand this.  She and her husband divorced because of his drunkenness and irresponsibility. Yet she is drawn back to him because of his charm and honesty. In conclusion, the characteristic fashion of screwball comedies, the main couple remarries in the end and that is the case of Dexter and Tracy. The intersection of screwball and high comedy is important because it undertones the seriousness of the situation. Tracy is able to choose one man in her life and in addition, they make introspective vows never to leave each others side again from their experience since it is one mistake they should not have made.










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