The conceptual Foundations of My Holistic Nursing Practice

The conceptual Foundations of My Holistic Nursing Practice

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The conceptual Foundations of My Holistic Nursing Practice


Holistic nursing principles relate with the ideal practice of healing the whole person. The ultimate and revered care that a patient and person require has to take into consideration not just the physical body alone. Using Florence Nightingale’s devotion and dedication towards caring for those who could not manage by themselves, presents a precise approach into self-analysis and reflection in the profession. The need to connect between the patients and their respective environments assures of holistic nursing. Despite the changes that come with nursing, especially with the timeframes, presence of illness and relevant effect on people remain the same (Valizadeh, Jasemi, Zamanzadeh, & Keogh, 2015). It entails not just seeing the patient as means of administering a diagnosis and recovery. Instead, the whole person becomes significant. Therefore, understanding and applying holistic principles towards the biological, social, psychological, spiritual, and emotional aspects of a patient’s care regime become the number one priority in the profession.     



Since a patient suffers from an illness or physical pain, the biological dimension of holistic nursing addresses the concerns of the person as a whole. I ensure that the patient dissociates from any form of pain, while managing the extent of the illness’ effect. Any form of distress and relevant symptoms become the first priority as I establish a rapport with the patient and ensure that he or she can express them accordingly. Notably, I dedicate to the nutritional demands, requirements, and determinants of the patient’s recovery process (Jasemi, Zamanzadeh, Valizadeh, Keogh, & Taleghani, 2017). All the while, I make sure that that my role as the nurse does not in any way aggravate the patient’s condition. In addition, I also convene proper care that does not contribute towards additional suffering by the respective patient. Thereby, I set the effective healing and care in motion from the initial point.  


As a social being, we need a sense of belonging and acceptance at all times, despite the condition or effect from illness that one finds him or herself. My role as a holistic nurse demands administering effective, concerned, and humane care that shows the patient, he or she deserves the recognition and acceptance. It begins with simple things such a communication and salutations. According to Valizadeh, et al. (2015), eye contact, concern, listening, smiling, using the therapeutic touch, assisting with any movement or control, among others depict my sincere and honest care for the patient. I ensure that the patient feels that they are treated with dignity, respect, and decorum. They realize that indeed, I am as human as they are, and the necessary care that will ensure thy get full recovery in the best way possible materializes. Indeed, it sets the tone for patient-nurse building of trust throughout the process.  


            The human mind exists as the most powerful tool and that ever existed in civilization and human history. Therefore, any input or point of contact with the human brain dictates a respective response. In holistic nursing principles, psychological attention is just as imperative as the functioning of medicines or any other intervention criteria. I deliberately converse with the patient at all times, trying to get their esteem and sense of worth to the point it deserved (Jasemi et al., 2017). Constant reassurance, personal touch, and reliability build the necessary responses within the brain for proper healing and improvement of any condition. In return, I also offer professional counselling as means of providing safety and security to the patient at any given point. In addition, I encourage and deliver supporting material that can strengthen the psychological dimensions of the patient towards embracing the delivered care and concern.   


Existence of the spiritual principle in holistic nursing depends on the connection built between the nurse and patient. It symbolizes a clear understanding and acceptance of religion in deliverance of possible healing and care delivery. Therefore, I use it as an opportunity to encourage patients in my practice to give and forgive at all times. I also reassure them that it is permissible and right to avoid any quarrels or end those that have taken place. Reconciliation pinpoints a change of heart and the need for doing right no matter the issue faced and consequences taking place (Valizadeh et al., 2015). In the event that the patient might succumb to all illness or condition, I dedicate my time towards embracing the transition phase of life. If the departure takes place, I use the opportunity of delivering holistic care to preach on having a peaceful frame of mind while being calm.      


When the human body shows harmony, the physical, psychological, and emotional elements of living require a working relationship in tandem. The patient’s environment and physical state changes from one time to another, but the emotional concerns need constant and progressive improvement. I focus on reassuring the patient of whole person’s care and pay attention to the emotional needs (Jasemi et al., 2017). If there is pain, I empathize with the patient and facilitate its eradication. The same basis becomes the norm even when the patient is happy, anxious, fearful, sad, and among other emotional depictions. The duty of holistic care remains the same without failure despite the challenges that might take place within the confines of the health facility and outside it.   


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