Many of the American song composers were motivated by the fact that singing was facilitated by events such as war and other religious events. Looking at the work of William Booth, Copland and Anger we are able to define characters that encompassed an American artist. This is with closer look at the literal devices they used in their music composition such as the beat, the rhythm and the rhyming scheme.

For instance, the introduction of the Salvation Army was standard that was set after the military, with reference to the colors of the flag the music was defined, frequently with Christian religion words to common and traditional melody sung in the meeting places. Booth, with other militant personnel in the Christian ministry was serious in composing songs that had reference to the human way of living. He later became the chief general in the church ministry where he was working and thus his music career was enhanced through religious activities. In addition the members that were working with him got also promoted and thus the American music was promoted by those soldiers in Christ through his song Enters into Heaven.

Copland acknowledged one supplementary observable fact to blend his effort .The actions of the mass media industry facilitated the composers to be able to for the first time to rise above the restrictions of the concert-hall and get in touch with popular spectators with solemn music work. Copland was very influential artist whose work was identified through its transition mode of reaching to people without the consideration of the level or class as compared to other artist. This was done through the effective communication style that he employed in order to capture the attention of his audience. His songs were characterized by the literal schemes that were unique and thus having the power to influence the audience in an effective way such as his influential song Appalachian Spring. The music he sung had the appealing effect that rather then entertaining it also affected the audience emotionally. This made the audience to have the capability to move with the beat of the music until the end of the music e to its touching and influencing effect it had on the listener.

In the study of rhythm; there are notable examples that are in the historical environment of styles. This is because as each day comes the focus on the music has been rated in two broad categories. This sector involves the ability of a song to display the theme, rhythm and the applied harmony. The work of Anger has been characterized by these attributes that also encompasses concentration of the effective use of the vocabulary. In many instances, the work of Anger has been quoted in to have an entertaining move to the audience because he concentrated on what he was best in doing. The introduction of the Metallica rock songs had an influencer of energy on the audience thus having the power to influence in the American entertainment industry. Although he was not in the religious activity, he managed to rock in the secular world due to his unique code of transforming his rhyming scheme. This is because his song of Street stuff comprised of a great form of rhyming scheme that facilitated a faster mode of beat that brought about dancing experience.

The issue of recognition in the American industry was enhanced through the ability of the singer to relate to the right audience. This is because, the audience that William could gather, Anger could not. This was related to the music content and the group of people that the singer was targeting in his song composition. Therefore, for a singer to be recognized in the American music industry, he or she had to have a target group that would help him to be popularized across all the networks. This was with much consideration of the both sides of the society; the secular and the religion side. These factors were important for they brought recognition of a certain musician in his field of work.





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