The Monotheism and Phoenicians

What role did the Phoenicians play in the ancient world? What is their long-term historical significance?

The Phoenicians are a semantic speaking group of people who were based in the coast of the Mediterranean Sea (Spielvogel 29). They had established several colonies in western Mediterranean Sea but the famous colonies in which they established were located in the North African coast. The Phoenicians played a significant role in the ancient world and this led to them having a long historical significance.

One of the roles they played was that they were traders. They traded in several goods including dye, which was used in the fabrics of the clothes. They also created several trade routes in the Mediterranean Sea, which they used while they were trading. They also rebuild major cities at the coasts of the sea, which were destroyed by the sea people.

Their historical significance was that they led to the development of trade in the sea. The Phoenicians depended mostly on sea trade therefore; this made it easy for them to develop the trade at the Mediterranean Sea. Another significance of the Phoenicians is that they built new trade routes along the Mediterranean coasts, which continued to be used even by other tribes. Lastly, they led in the development of some of the coast towns by rebuilding them.

The Phoenicians were a semantic speaking group and their main economic activity was trade especially sea trade. This led to the formation of new trade routes in the Mediterranean Sea, which later came to be used by other nations. Additionally, the Phoenicians helped in the development of the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

How did the evolution of monotheism shape the ancient world?

Monotheism is the belief of worshiping one God. In the current days, Muslims and Christians usually worship one God. Monotheism started in the times of kings by the Israelites. They referred to Him as Yahweh but some kings also praised other gods. According to the Jewish concept, there was only one God called Yahweh. He is the creator of heaven and earth and the ruler of all (Spielvogel 41). It is a clear indication that monotheism was started by the Hebrews and later onwards in the westernization of culture it came to be one of the greatest religions in the whole world.

Due to this civilization, it influenced the people in many ways by shaping their morality, common laws, and social justice, which have now become part of the western culture. This led to uniformity in the different cultural practices like praising Yahweh and most of the common morality was used to shape the behavior of people in the western culture.

The use of monotheism shaped the ancient world in very many ways like the behaviors, which affect the personality of a person. Additionally, in the ancient world monotheism was also used as a means of judgment to its people. People were using monotheism teachings as a mode of judgment to the people who committed any crime.

Therefore, it can be concluded that monotheism originated from the people of the Hebrew and it came to be widely accepted as one of the major religions in the world. In the ancient world, monotheism was used as a way of molding a person’s character and it had guiding principles, which were used in the judgment of those people who committed crimes.


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