Dad Moving Closer to Me, But Fails To

            About 3 years ago, I made a decision to reunite with my father. I made this decision because the relationship between my father and I was growing apart. Additionally, my father was growing old and there is no way that time was going to wait for us to reunite. Additionally, my father had just been diagnosed with throat cancer. This meant that time was running out for my father and me to reconcile and create a relationship. The reason as to why our relationship was growing apart was that we differed in our ideologies and decisions. It is because of this that I decided to make arrangements on how we were to go on camping where different activities were meant for bonding in order to recreate our relationship back again.

We were to go on for one week in the woods in one of my father’s lands, which he inherited from my grandfather. The trip started on a Sunday morning where I went to pick my father from where he lived. My mum had already packed the facilities that were necessary for my father during our stay in the camp. I was so anxious and I was looking forward for this trip. On the other hand, my father was not that excited but with my mother’s persuasion, he managed to agree to come for the trip. At around eleven in the morning, we set on the road heading towards the camping site. However, it was a distance because at that time, my parents were staying in a different state from where my grandfather’s house was. On the way, I started making conversation with my father. I asked about his health and how he was coping. He answered using short answers with the indication that he did not want to talk about it. We made several stops to have something to eat and help ourselves. Finally, we arrived at our destination at around eight in the evening.

As my father made himself comfortable in the cabin that was built by grandfather in the woods for camping purposes, I was removing the luggage we had carried. Due to my father’s condition, I made sure there was no work for him to do. That night, I cooked dinner for both of us and I made sure that my father was okay. We slept nicely apart from the fact that my father kept complaining about the different insects that disturbed him at night. Additionally, he kept complaining about the weather and how uncomfortable he was. I did not take much interest on his complains. After taking breakfast, I had planned that we would spend the day fishing in the nearby lake.

When we went fishing, we started talking with my father about the old times he had in the woods with my grandfather and how he used to worship him when he was a child. My grandfather was an engineer. He inherited this gift from my great grandfather who was referred to as engineer in the past due to the extensive knowledge he had. As the conversation continued, trouble started to build up when my father started telling how I have changed the family legacy of engineering by opting to take accounts as my career option. My father had always wanted me to major in engineering as my career but that was not what I wanted. It was because of such decisions that made our relationship had grown apart. We started arguing about what he wanted me to do. He said that I had broken the family traditions and I was a disgrace to the family. I decided not to talk to him about the matter again.

After we had finished fishing, we set back to the cabin where I lit a fire to cook the fish we had caught. My father started criticizing me about my cooking. Additionally, he went on to criticize how I had not accomplished anything in life just because I never followed the family traditions. He continued and said that I had overcooked the meal and yet the meal was so great. He cooled off a bit and took a nap as I decided to gather firewood that we were going to use for the night. When I finished gathering firewood, I went back to the cabin and I found him awake. It was almost getting dark; therefore, I had to light the fire quickly before it was too late. All through, I had been trying to impress my father so that we could get along and create a good relationship.

As I was cooking supper outside the cabin, my father decided to join me. We started talking and I told him how I was having a good time with him like in the old days when we used to come camping in this place. However, he was able to change the topic and tell me how bad I had been. As he continued to criticize me, he started to say how I have a bad wife and my children are fools. It was at this point that I decided that I have had enough. I raised my voice warning him to stop criticizing my family. In addition, I continued to tell him how bad a father he has been to me all through my life. Instead of supporting me, he has continually criticized me and yet I was doing fine with my family. The argument started to hit up and he started to abuse me. By this time, it was around midnight. I was so angry that I decided it was time we packed our things and went home before anything bad happens. At first, my father refused to ride with me but he later agreed. The camping trip ended prematurely. Despite the efforts I had made to create a good relationship with my father, it even became worse because our relationship grew further apart. We went back home without stopping anywhere neither did we talk to one another.

After going back, I regret my decision about creating a good relation with my father than letting it stay the way it was. This was because it was much better than after the trip. At least, before we went to the trip, we used to talk but after the trip, we never talked again. Additionally, before the trip I did not hate my father, I only thought that he was misplaced with his ideas and that he only wanted the best out of me. After the trip, I hated my father so much that I wished he were dead. It was because of this reasons that I regretted the decision of trying to create a relationship with my father.

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