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            When Abraham Lincoln said that the civil war would provide a new birth of freedom, he referred to the course of the war, which was to attain freedom for all men, including the slaves since the war meant that slavery would be abolished in all states. He also meant that the nation would be powerful through unity among all the states, and liberty for all would be achieved. The war was between the northern states and the confederate or southern states that still held to slavery, and were against unity of all the states. Their defeat meant start of freedom for the slaves and unity of all the states that would bring power, and prevent European nations from interfering with the states. The outcome of the war brought liberty, equality and freedom for all, just as Abraham Lincoln had meant in his statement that the civil war would bring freedom to all.

The theme of liberty means the freedom of all people from oppressions imposed by authority figures, suggesting that all people shall be independent to carry out their duties or do as they please without restrictions from the authority rules. Liberty also meant that all people would be free to do their will, without restrictions from the society, such as color, racism and ethnicity. The civil war managed to achieve this since the freeing of slaves meant giving them freedom to act in their own will, without being restricted by their color or race, as well as other minority groups. They were also allowed to own property and have resources to exercise their will and achieve the reward of their labor, which they did not have when they were slaves. Restrictive rules imposed by authorities on the people such as trade tariffs were to be removed, and people would have the liberty to engage in trade freely without much restriction from the authorities. This continues to shape America even today, where people are free to do as they wish.

In addition, the civil war meant that all people would be equal. Today in America, all people irrespective of gender, color, race or ethnicity are equally recognized by the law. The abolishing of slavery meant that the slaves would have equal rights to engage in activities of their will, without restriction or oppression from the employers. They were free to work where they wanted. After the civil war, things changed for everybody since people were equal to each other, although racial discrimination was still evident, since transition after the war could not be immediate, but rather, it would take time to before people could fit into the new system of equality, just as one grows from birth to adulthood. Today, it can be said that equality has been fully achieved, or has matured, since it has continued to be advocated for and embraced by all, including access to equal opportunities. This can be attributed to the civil war, which set the first step for equality among all citizens of America.

Today, America is the most powerful nation in the whole world, and its power comes from the unity of the states, which guarantees economic power. Before the civil war, America was divided into two nations, each with several states. If the civil war had not occurred, probably today, it would still be divided, and the economic power gotten from the unity of all the states would not have been achieved. The unity of all the states of America has ensured its power economically, and as the super powers from its recourses. The power can be attributed to the success of the civil war in uniting all the states, and setting a new birth for power with the synergetic strength achieved by the unity. In addition, Abraham Lincoln ensured that foreign countries especially European did not interfere with the civil war, and signed in acts that protected Americans from foreign policies. Today, American policies are considered the strongest and other nations emulate them in many occasions. The power of the United States today is attributed to the civil wart that ensured unity among all the states, and equality that allows all to take part in national building.

The civil war my have left many people dead, as it is considered the bloodiest war on American soil in its history, however, its achievements in ensuring unity and freedom for all citizens still stands. Abraham Lincoln has been cited by most of the politicians in the United States for his philosophies that ensured freedom for all, especially choosing to fight the civil war for the sake of ensuring unity among the states that were divided into two. The end of civil war managed to maintain unity as Americans, ensure the start of freedom for slaves, and liberty for all citizens of America that continues to shape America today.

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