Management Roles in Business Organization

Joseph A. Petrick is currently a professor of management at Wright State University in Ohio. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the disciplines of management and philosophy. He has a PhD in comparative philosophy and cultural anthropology from Pennsylvania State University (Petrick and Quinn, 397). He also has a PhD in business ethics, global business citizenship and international management (Wright State University). He has an MBA in quality management and marketing from the University of Cincinnati. He did his doctoral and postdoctoral work at the University of Bonn in Germany, Queensland University of Technology in Australia and the University of Tokyo in Japan. He is a certified lifetime senior professional in human resources (SPHR) and a registered organization development professional (RODP).

He was the vice president of the entrepreneurship division of the United States Association of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship. He has held the position of the president-elect of the Midwestern Human Resources/Industrial Relations Society. He is a member of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, Academy of Management, American Philosophical Association, and American Society for Quality Control and Society for Human Resource Management (Petrick and Quinn, 397). He is also affiliated with other professional bodies such as the International Association for Business and Society, Association for International Business, Association for Practical and Professional Ethics and the International Society for Business, Economics and Ethics among other professional bodies (Wright state university)

John F. Quinn is the professor of history at the Salve Regina University in Newport. He did his MA in history at the University of Notre Dame and proceeded to do his PhD in the same university. He is a member of the American Catholic Historical Association, American Conference on Irish Studies, Irish American Cultural Institute and New England Historical Association (Salve Regina University). Both Petrick and Quinn are qualified authors. They are highly educated and they have a lot of experience in their respective fields. They have served under different capacities and this has helped them advance their knowledge. They are entrusted with many responsibilities in their respective institutions and elsewhere.


Book review: Management Ethics: Integrity at Work by Joseph A. Petrick and John F. Quinn

Koehn, Daryl. Reviewed Work: Management Ethics: Integrity at Work by Joseph A. Petrick, John F. Quinn. Business Ethics Quarterly vol. 9 no. 4 Oct 1999 pp. 713-717

Koehn notes that the authors have managed to connect ethics and good management in their discussion, thus all their topics remain relevant to the discussion. They have managed to stay within their objective, which is to show how ethical theories support or fail to support competence in management. Their definition of management is also relevant and this is shown in the text. Based on this review, it is clear that Petrick and Quinn have managed to capture the whole aspect of ethics in management. Koehn has noted how they have brought out the issue of incompetent management and how this incompetence contributes to bad decision making. Koehl has noted how poor ethics have a negative effect on the company’s performance. Some of the causes of low profits in business include low employee morale, consumer mistrust, sabotage, substance abuse and sloppy work habits among other practices. This review clearly shows that the book is a good source and it is relevant because it is detailed and comprehensive concerning ethics and management.

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