Stakeholder Stakeholder interest(s)

In the project

Assessment of impact Potential strategies for

Obtaining support or

Reducing obstacles

Shell Profitability,

Efficient service to the market community, also to accommodate the wider variety of changing social, political and economic environment,

Competes fairly and ethically

Very strong Shell emphasizes on aspect of Honesty ,

Good relation with employees,


Mobil Standard of business conduct,

Social impact assessments,

Continual market share.

Strong Promoted standard of business conduct, by applying its expertise resources for continual service delivery.
Chevron Achieving world-class performance,

Ensuring safety of citizens Environment,

Promote good health.


Strong Ensure free injury workplace,

Efficient utilization of resources,

Operate in free incidence

BP Safe and reliance of the company,

Gain popularity,


Strong Established deepwater company by providing over 200million bores.


Bloomberg Profitability,

Earn dividends,

Safe environment for all,

Very strong Good customer relation,

Maintaining high delivery standards.


Stakeholder Assessment table



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