Issues Facing the African-Americans

            There are many issues facing African American today. The most common is that they are victimized on issues relating to crime. In most cases where there have been shootouts at a particular place, the African American is usually the first suspect, a process known as racial profiling. This also applies to the war on drugs. Most of them are assumed to be either taking or dealing drugs. These challenges are not new to the African American community. When they first came to the United States, they were used and misused as slaves. Although they were the largest minority group then, they did not have any rights or any voice. They were ignored and they faced prejudice. They did not have a right to education.

Things changed however with the civil rights movement. Some of their rights were accorded to them and they were assimilated in some areas, but the prejudice continued. Today, they are educated and some hold very senior positions. In the entertainment industry, they are more visible. The challenges are still there. In the education sector for example, most of the principals are white with only a small percentage being black (Echols 2006). Infact, most of them shy away from the educational system. Most of the public schools are said to be attended by the minorities. Blacks still make up a large percentage of the minorities. The public often see these schools as a place 0of unruly behavior where violence is the order of the day. The perception of many is that little education takes place here and few students graduate and move on to college.

As recently as 2003, the Supreme Court ruled that race should be a factor in determining those who went to university (news batch 2008). During the civil rights movement in the sixties blacks were fighting for a right to vote and the right to attend non-segregated schools. After much demonstrating and crying for their rights, they were granted their wish. The new generation of African Americans does not necessarily understand how far they have come as a community. While they may not be fighting for those issues, there are other issues at hand, which affect them. There are people who hate them just because they are black. They fail to look at the inner person and therefore miss an opportunity of knowing someone.

African Americans still face the challenge of discrimination. There are white extremists who still look down on them based on their skin color. In the economy, matters are not any different. Only a small percentage of African Americans own property or homes. Majorities have a zero net worth and most of them are on welfare. The problems extend to the family as well. Some years back, there were few instances of divorce among the African Americans. Situations have changed.

There has been an increase in the number of single mothers. This is attributed to many factors such as imprisonment or getting a child outside of marriage. Many women are opting to have a child while they are still single. However, some do not have that option and they have to bring up that child or children single-handedly. Problems have also arisen in matters concerned with reproduction. It is estimated that thirty percent of the abortions that are performed are from African Americans. The problem of stratification persists. Some of the white people want nothing to do with the black folk.

It is sad to know that there are white only neighborhoods where blacks are not allowed to reside. In conclusion, racialism is the major problem that is affecting African Americans. Though there has been progress dealing with the issue, there is still much that needs to be done. The problems of segregation persist. America made a huge step forward when they elected an African American president. The problems did not end since there were those who were still opposed to the idea. Tough policies dealing with racial discrimination should be put in place to curb the vice.
























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