William Edward Burghardt DuBois was a spirited American/Ghanaian sociologist who dedicated his life to exploring and demystifying widely held conceptions about the societal fabric of people of African origin. His efforts were characterized by devotion and scholarly dedication that saw him gain accreditation from leading institutions of higher learning such as Harvard University and the University of Berlin. He brazenly condemned injustice based on color and defended the tenets of freedom vehemently.

DuBois was exemplary in that, even at a tender age, while in his formative years while in high school, he showed deep interest for the development of his race. At the age of fifteen, he was a local correspondent for the New York Globe. While there, he dutifully attempted to push his race forward by editorials and lectures that focused on the need for Black people to politicize effectively (Hynes, 2008).

Later on in his life, he was among the pioneers of the study of the Black race using scientific approaches to study their social fabric. His work revealed the Black people as a diligent, palpitating group; very different from the sick body of crime used to characterize blacks by the society at the time. In so doing, DuBois inadvertently came to bear the distinction of the father of social science (Hynes, 2008)

Ultimately, though, DuBois’ unrelenting attacks against imperialism in Africa, manifest through colonialism at the time and his clarion call for the unconditional adoption of Pan Africanism remain his most significant influence on his people. His work in this endeavor resulted in the premier Pan African congress where prominent African leaders were in attendance including the future presidents of independent Ghana and Kenya, Kwame Nkrumah and Jomo Kenyatta respectively. This influence played a major part in the attainment of independence by many African states (Hynes, 2008).























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