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Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada is an instance where people move from their various countries to go and settle permanently in Canada. Most of them end up being citizens and some of them return to their motherland. Immigration has been happening for hundreds of years and has been frequent when favorable immigration laws were introduced. There are three types of immigrants in this country, they include-: relatives of Canadian citizens, some are granted permit on the basis of their age, labor required in the market, health and need for protection (refugees). The principles that govern immigration in this country do not have any basis of discrimination at all. The survey recently done reveals that the country has about two hundred million immigrants from all over the world but fifty percent of this population is illegally there.

According to statistics, it seems Canada is quite a popular state as well as having a wide immigration policy. The country has 34 ethnic groups with a minimum of one hundred thousand members each. 10 groups were found to have more than 1,000,000 people. 16.2% of the population reflected invisible minority groups like Asians, Russians, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Chinese, Philippines, African Americans. The visible minorities were Germans, Italians, Ukrainian, Dutch, and Polish (Bray, 2008).

Immigration to Canada improves the country’s development, prosperity and cultural diversity. Canada taps a lot from the positive potential, hard work and input of immigrants. They might be skilled personnel, entrepreneurs, students, casual laborers or others. Before deciding to apply for settlement in Canada, one needs to evaluate whether the country is a better place for the candidate to live in. Several factors must be considered-: favorable climate, social conditions, political environment, if a businessperson the business environment and many others. As much as one will have chosen to settle in Canada one has to qualify. In order to go to Canada, one has to do an examination according to what one wants to go and do. He or she might be an investor, a relative or any other occupation.

There are two ways of applying to migrate to Canada-: One can opt to carry out all the procedures and prepare the files on his/ her own, then go for the assessment required. Another way is to consult a lawyer who will prepare all the files required then the client will for the assessment. The lawyer does this work at a fee. The advantage of the first step is that one saves up a lot of money because paying a lawyer is quite expensive. On the other hand, using a lawyer is also beneficial because he/ she advises one on the legal matters pertaining immigration to Canada. One must acquire a passport that will allow him or her to travel to Canada. The agency that deals with passports in Canada is called Passport Canada. It issues, recalls, withholds, or recovers Canadian passports (Steve, 2006). It is financed by the cess paid when one is applying for a passport.  If the applicant successfully acquires a passport, he or she has to be assessed on several issues that are economic and social. Under the economic issue, one must have employment skills. In addition, the candidate must be financially stable because he or she must be independent. Under the social factor, an applicant should have a record of good conduct because any history of being in crime will disqualify the applicant. Candidates who possess the potential of being entrepreneurs, investors and self employed are highly approved because they are considered as a boost to the country’s economy.

After a potential candidate has gained a permit or visa to become a Canadian, one has to get validation of employment. This is done by applying for an offer to be employed, and then sent to an employment center. The permit is used by the human resource development of Canada by considering the specific job that has been applied for. The government has put in place this policy because it would like to regulate the rate at which the market is bringing in foreign labor. This process takes about four to six weeks. Once the job has been approved by the human resource development, a letter is send back to the employment center and the applicant is invited for an interview and medical check. If everything is in order, then the employee starts to work.

Finally, when settlers have been permitted into Canada, they are required to obtain a permanent resident card. It was introduced in June 2002, after the refugees act had been enacted (Baxter, 1997). It enables the permanent residents to confirm their status and allow them back to the country after they leave. If one belongs to a nation that does not need a permanent resident card to enter Canada, one can use of a passport.  Most immigrants who plan their immigration with proper research and knowledge of immigration laws and procedures are normally able to achieve their immigration goals successfully. The immigration plan in Canada is similar to a good business plan. Their procedures are well planned and they are well aware of the limitations of their resources hence they implement measures that check on them. They are also keen on whom to let in their country and not just anyone. It is also encouraging because no corruption is involved in the immigration department and no unfair discrimination is involved in selecting the applicants. The best immigration process is the one assisted by a lawyer or a reliable legal agency because they will advise you on its legality. Basing an opinion on the statistics in Canada, it seems it is a favorable country to leave in.







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