Snow and Soda: A Profitable Mix

            Polar Beverages 1882, is the largest independent company that makes bottled sodas and other soft drinks in the U.S. It was founded by the Crowleys, and is a very complex business that has several partnerships. The family overseeing all operations as well as intended and actual growth for many years. It has split into smaller family businesses with the change in generations. The company continues to grow, make new partnerships, and widen its business network as a strategy to enlarge the market. Somewhere along, it got to a point where they concentrated more in soft drinks and water, until the alcohol business started fading away. The third generation decided to build another company, started smaller than Polar, but managed to by some label accounts, and that was the catalyst to build another plant. The company’s previous good relationship with supermarkets led to the rapid growth of Polar, and from that point, the company grew unexpectedly fast, (Ringelheim, 2008).

Polar Beverages first started with the Pale Dry Ginger Ale, Coca, Orange Soda and Root Beer. During this period, the bottling machinery moved fast and so Polar had to keep up. In the mean time still maintained a close relationship with the other soft drink companies. The family displays major ways of handling failures. For example, when the company is hit by a huge financial crunch, they start picking up from down there; they deal with soft drinks and water, not knowing that this would change everything for good. The high-quality spring water sells good and without noticing, the family is taken out of the alcohol business.

The Wachusett Mountain Resort, also owned by the Crowleys, has been a home for great skiing for a long time. The Crowley’s realize a location for a blooming business and decide to grab the opportunity for whatever cost, buy the place in the mountains. The many idlers who frequent the mountain are the target market for the resort. The place offers a wide range of opportunities and options to have fun and keep families on vacation entertained. It has a large downhill skiing area on which people enjoy covering long distances without limits or restrictions. It is also one of busiest because many activities happen on it throughout the year, including music festivals, wine celebrations and some car shows, weddings and honeymoon parties.

Wachusett Resort has attracted all kinds of people to it and expanded its business. The main reason for this is primarily due to its ideal position in relation to where many people lice, for this case Boston City that is the capital town for Massachusetts. It offers a variety of fun activities and therefore anyone would have no problem choosing what they want or want to do.


            It sits at a very convenient position, which ensures quick access, and short trips to and from the resort, it is considered most accessible in the city.  Its elevated spot also offers a good aerial view when relaxing at the hotel, especially in the evening. The base of the lodge lies on the same level as the parking lot, so kids it would not be difficult for kids to get out of their cars and walk. It expanse from the original small size, caters for a large number people on vacation and room and board is readily available, (Hoover’s, 2008). It has almost twenty trails that could cater for both amateurs and pros. The rooms of  Wachusett is very spacious, airy and neat, it does not matter what season you check in, all services like sauna, hot bath or steam bath will be provided. There is enough space for romantic evening walks; there is a tennis court and swimming pool just outside the main building for those who like staying indoors. Some of the rooms that have fireplaces are available for early booking where you can keep yourself warm at all times, especially during the cold seasons.



            Its business only picks up during winter, that is when it snows and people want do something else besides looking for privacy I one of the rooms, because that is when people will want to ski. The appropriate means of carriage or transportation of the visitors from here to there, because you do not expect everyone to ski from one point to another. By now, many students have joined the school in Wachusett. Furthermore, they are introduced, as is currently documented in various sources, as early as the age of four. This exposes them to dangers that come with snowing, like avalanches or snowstorms.


            Because it is owned by the Crowley’s, they enjoy the fun on the mountain with their kids and so they learn fast how to ski. The Polar Kids Children School with the modern facilities and special training, will teach your kids effectively. Holiday Ski Clubs, on the other hand, are instructional programs available during 3-day camps over Christmas and new-year school vacations. The involvement of parents in inter-competition activities with the children is also fun and healthy. There is also the on-mountain food service, and the food has been ranked ‘very good’. The Science-on –the slopes helped educate students on ‘science’ around the mountain. In general, almost everything you need to have fun is there; you only have to feel at home (Standard and Poor’s Corporation, 2008).

Wachusett Mountain Resort did not just happen. The Crowleys knew how and where to trap his market. He had seen the constant traffic and the activities up and down the mountain. He knew he had to make a move, because Polar started from a very low point, and if it became what it is now, he thought he would steal the same tactics and apply on this Wachusett project. He was sure he had enough knowledge to make it work. He would use some specific standards to challenge the Polar business, and vice versa. One company’s successful progress meant stiff competition for the other, which some would consider to be healthy business. He knew that by setting up a hotel or a stop-over point like a resort, all those coming too ski and have fun in the cold would obviously want something to eat, or anything hot to drink. There were also those coming from far away because of the famous Wachusett, and after a days restless sporting activity, they would pack some stuff the next time for a night in the hotel. This must have been at the back of the mind of the Crowles, and it worked, (Standard and Poor’s Corporation, 2008).

Other Suggested Steps

–           The company should organize a means of transport say from the nearest city or town. Boston for instance would be an ideal location to consider, as it is not so far from the resort. This will avoid the need for parking space, as the place will always have people visiting. Its perspective should be changed to look like a tourist attraction centre.

–           The company should buy its own products, in this case the drinks, from Polar and by doing so marketing the soft drinks. It could also open up its own depot that will help distribute the drinks.

–           The firm should decrease production of the drinks in winter and instead trade with the coffee or tea companies. By striking such a deal with these companies, the possibility of an endless supply of stock, especially in the annual winter season, would be ensured. They would therefore have enough stock and be sure of hot beverages during the cold season.

–           At the same time, and under the current system of operation, during the hot and dry season, they should produce more drinks to counter the loss incurred during winter.




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