Revlon for men involves a wide range of products including men cosmetics, aftershaves, hair gels, shaving creams and an array of several other men beauty products. Founded in the middle of the great depression, the company started with a single product which was a type of nail enamel. The company had three founders, two brothers, Charles and Joseph Revson and a chemist Charles Lachman who added the ‘L’ to the name. They amalgamated their resources and developed a manufacturing company. Revlon was among the top five cosmetics companies in America, by the end of the world war.

The key characteristics that men desire when they look for cosmetics are career improvement, a boost in their ego, competitive relevance lest we not forget admiration and attention from women. As is observed, all these characteristics are solutions to problems and satisfactions to motives rather than products. This is the key area that Revlon focused on when launching the Revlon for men range of beauty products. Revlon has tied together men’s existing needs of affiliation to the cosmetics they produce for them. Revlon has noted the attributes that are required by male customers and has used them to enable the brand popularize among the men. Some of these qualities are subtleness and convenience.

In the society today, men have grown in touch of their physical appearance and as is commonly known, they have become metro-sexual creatures. Revlon has capitalized on this need to provide and satisfy these gentlemen with products that will make sure their needs are met. Such products include skin care, clearing, and treatment products, shaving products, deodorants and several others. The customer base is growing daily, showing that the product is being well marketed and that there are few unsatisfied customers out there if any.

The company has concentrated its efforts in expanding its international market while still focusing on its primary market, Europe. As its products have not been met with any rejection, the company is doing quite well in the international markets and the customers are also happy with their products. Revlon has also targeted specialized media in advertising of their men targeted products. They have done this by using specialized media that is relevant to men for example the Discovery channel, Men Health and HM magazines. This marketing tool ensures that most readers and their inner circle of friends view the advert. By going through the magazine, one can find a variety of products and depending on ones need or desire they are able to decide on what to purchase or order.

Innovation has played the largest role in strengthening the customer base of Revlon as a cosmetic company especially on the men cosmetics. When it launched a set of two products for the men, the company recaptured the market since the products were well received by the male demographic. For future innovations and marketing, the company will have to maximize its budgeting skills since as time goes, so does the rise in price for quality advertisement.

A customer research about their needs and the changing trends shall also be quite important. Customers have satisfaction in their brands and the marketing strategy has played a huge role in promoting Revlon as a product. The brand has a fashion sense in it and a touch of class to go along with it. These are the factors behind the success of Revlon in not only production of quality products but also in customer satisfaction and retention.

Revlon had a humble start but grew gradually while conforming itself with the changing times. The success of the company is mainly centered on its emphasis on customer satisfaction by identifying the customers’ needs and making sure that they are met and satisfied. This is the most important part of marketing. The company’s rate of customer retention is very high and this also circles back to the quality of its products. The company’s success shall keep on rising if they maintain their standard of customer satisfaction.


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