reflective writing

Reflective Writing

2. Interview yourself, noting all information and answers for yourself as you did for the two people you interviewed.

Name –

Age –

Gender –

Date and Place –


a) What makes you happy?

Friends, family, my pet dog, success

b) What do you like about yourself?

I like that I am mature and patient, and therefore able to handle challenging situations prudently. I also like my creativity and courage.

c) What do you like about other people you know?

I like my family’s care and concern. I also like the fact that my friends are spontaneous, positive and wise beyond their years.

3. What was it like to interview strangers this second time compared with the first interview?

Interviewing strangers, this second time was easier than the first timer, because I was more confident from having interviewed people the first time. From the first interview, I had learnt that the location in which one conducts the interview determines the level to which the interviewees open up, and hence affects the length and depth of the answers. I interviewed the first respondent at his home, and the second respondent at her place of work. It was easier for me to interview them when they were comfortable and open, unlike the first time. The interviews were more relaxed and enjoyable

This time, I picked interviewees who looked like they were not in a hurry, and appeared friendly and open therefore they would be willing to talk about themselves. In the first interview, I was fairly nervous and did not approach the strangers in a friendly manner and introduce myself adequately. This time, I approached the strangers confidently and affably, introduced myself fully and asked if I could ask them a few questions; they both agreed without my persuasion. In order to make the interview more natural, I suggested we sit down so that I could start the interview. This, I realized, makes the interviewee relaxed, hence the interview runs smoothly.

In the first interview, I would contribute to the interviewee’s answers since I thought it would enhance the flow of the conversation. In the second interview, I only nodded in response to their answers to show that I was listening; this was enough to spur them on. This time, I paid more attention to the interviewees’ answers while they were speaking as opposed to planning the next question while they are talking. I was also more relaxed and would occasionally ask questions that were not in the script, guided by their answers. I was able to get more information from the interviewees using this method. The second interview therefore taught me the importance of listening actively. I ended the interview by telling the interview that I had come to the end of the questions o had set out for them, and thanked them for their time and the interesting interview.

4. What, if anything, has Psychology 122 done to improve your life?

Psychology 122 has helped me improve my communication skills, especially when talking to new people. In this course, I have learnt that communication is more than just words; it is also the non-verbal cues that one gives out while communicating with others. For instance, during this interview process I have learnt that people respond to my body language just as much as I respond to theirs. A friendly relaxed demeanor makes people comfortable around you; while anxiety and nervousness makes other people equally anxious. I have also learned to study the nonverbal cues of the people with whom I am communicating, which is important for effective communication. Nonverbal cues include the tone of voice used, the level of eye contact maintained and posture while communicating.

I have become more perceptive by studying Psychology 122. I have learnt that people have different temperaments leading to their different personalities. This makes me able to better understand why people act in the manner that they do. This has improved my relations with the people I encounter because I am able to relate with them in a manner that is suitable to their personality type. I have learnt that people’s ways of thinking are determined by various factors such as their background, experiences, personality-type and environment. This has enabled me to be more tolerant people’s views when they are divergent from mine because now I understand that everyone thinks differently and there is no superior or inferior thinking pattern. Negative experiences breed negative thoughts; hence, this leads to ‘incorrect’ thinking and attitudes. By considering other people’s perspectives, I have become broadminded and patient, both of which are important for success.

I have also gained a deeper understanding of mental illnesses; their causes, their symptoms and the remedy. It has made me more accepting of people with mental illnesses and I believe I can now distinguish between different types of mental illness. I have learnt that with good care, people with mental illnesses can live a normal and satisfying life in the society.

The knowledge I have gained through Psychology 122 is beneficial because it is transferable to various other courses such as political science, marketing, human resource, public relations and research. Therefore, it can help one in choosing a major or even a career field. Psychology is therefore useful in many other areas of my life.

In this course, I have become empathetic towards people with mental illness and victims of abuse especially children. I am also able to detect when someone has an underlying problem. For instance, when talking to someone who constantly criticizes himself, I am able to realize that the real cause of this behavior is a self-esteem issue; hence, I can say something positive that will assist him to change his attitude towards himself.

In this class, I have also learned that psychology is related to various other aspects of everyday life. One of the areas that I improved in is setting goals and striving to accomplish them. I have learnt that positive behavior is motivated by reward, and continuous practice is important in enforcing a positive habit. Through this, I have learned that in order to remain motivated and accomplish my goals I should be disciplined and committed to attaining the targets I set for myself. Additionally, rewarding myself for positive behavior also helps to keep me motivated.

Psychology 122 has also been of great use to me because it provides knowledge that is important in improving one’s leadership skills, which is something I am passionate about. This is because I have learnt how to communicate effectively by voicing my opinion as well as listening actively to other people’s opinions. I have also learnt to understand and tolerate different people in order to be an effective leader. In this class, I have learnt that people are stimulated by challenges and reward and therefore I can apply this in leadership.


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