Review on Ohio Nursing Homes


This paper was carefully prepared to address the institutional life in a nursing home. The author has addressed the consequences that face patients that seek medication in these institutions. The references used in this paper reflect research on the life in the institutions and studies show the prevalence of depression within nursing homes and statistics related to depression rates in the institution. The author has provided sufficient information on a survey that has been done in 900 nursing homes and shows the need for psychiatric services in the homes (Canton Repository, 2011). In addition, the author addresses physical issues focused on the physical problems that affect the people living in the homes. The model proposed by the author to address the issue of lack of psychotherapy services for these people includes an analysis of the problem with a social theory and a proposal to help with resolving the problem and lastly reviews this problem.


             In the content of this paper, the author has reviewed on the statistics that show the depression rate in the homes, specifically focusing on the state of Ohio. Most of this statistics reviewed the budget allocation for the state showing what amount is allocated to the nursing homes. It has also provided information to show problem description addressed in the paper, which is payment of a daily stipend per day per residence, and how it is charged. In focusing on the problem, the author looked at factors that influence this problem, the equation and common problems raised, which include lack of services and manipulation. This was then used to provide a strong argument on the analysis of the problem using one of the social changes.

The paper has provided a great overview of the State of Ohio. In addition, a research was done in 921 homes, detecting the number of patients diagnosed and treated for depression. In this proposal, the author identifies other theories that are a result of this problem. In this argument, the author argued out the belief systems of C. Wright and his belief system in the social structure created for human beings (Abrams, Teresi & Butin, 1992). It was helpful to learn that these interests and resources were influenced by the unequal distribution of power within a society.

Lack of effectiveness

             In the proposal write up, the author did not address the problems that face the nursing homes but instead focused more on the statistics that show the depression level in the State. The paper did not flow as expected because some of the points addressed were left hanging with no definite conclusion. Some of the paragraphs were too brief not clearly indicating the purpose they serve. The paper has no heading making it hard to identify with the topic in discussion. The author may want to be more direct in the content and the stated sub-topics.


The paper was well written as the author identifies with the problem, challenges and comes up with a proposal to help tackle the problem. He further reviews the cited proposal. The author has given titles to each strong point addressed. However, other paragraphs do not clearly indicate what they entail. In the proposal, it is hard to know if this is already an action taken or a proposal for an action to be taken. The paper does an excellent job by citing the problems faced by residents in the nursing homes including the challenges that the physical and mentally handicapped face. However, the author did not give specific examples to support the argument but rather gave a general overview of the happenings in Ohio nursing homes.

Overall Evaluation and Summary

This paper has a general overview of nursing homes in the State of Ohio and gives relevant statistics to support the argument. There is a lot of emphasis on the people that are privileged to access Medicaid and how research shows the rate of depression of the patients in the State. In the proposal, the author tries to come up with actions taken when the home does not offer any services. In the summary, the author concludes by providing information on the already stipulated information.

I would offer this draft 60 points. The score is reflective of the missing title to the document. The citations of relevant sources were well spelt out in the writing; the writing format was well represented. Most of the marks were lost due to indirect approach of the topic in discussion















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