Applicability to Psychological Concepts

This website talks about the code of ethics that are to be used by psychologists. Their ethics code is comprised of a preface, five preamble general principles that are considered in the psychology field, as well as ethical standards that are specific. These are non-enforceable rules that act as goals, which psychologists aspire to achieve and are used as the course of action for ethics. They are considered to be the highest standards of psychological field. The ethical standards that are placed here are usually quite diversified and inexhaustible, as they have to encompass the varied roles within the psychological fields.

This ethics code can only be applied to activities performed by psychologists, specifically educational, scientific and professional activities that are carried out within different areas or departments of work and to psychologists that are members only. It is important that all members take time to familiarize themselves with the code as they shall be governed by it and are therefore expected to adhere to it strictly.

There are core psychological concepts that are necessary if a person is to make decisions that are ethical. The code of ethics is applicable within these psychological concepts. This is because it articulates how these psychological concepts can be put into use to give an explanation for social issues and also to inform the general public of their policies. It is also used to determine how change can be achieved through the use of psychology. Like the psychological concepts, it has a relation to everyday life.

I really liked the website. This is because it provides clear and detailed information that is easily comprehensible. The fact that all the information is place in one page is an added advantage. One does not have to search different sites just to get information that they require.

The website shown by the URL is an online career center, which focuses on careers centered on the psychology field. It is a resource site that offers psychology professional as well as students an insight on the prospects of having a psychology based profession.

Among the information that is presented on the website is job listing. This gives a list of the jobs that are available to students after completion of their course. This list analyses the job market within the US as well as in other countries, giving also the organizations that offer the best prospects. It also gives students the necessary information that they require in order to get sponsorships for the course, internships as well as the jobs that they desire.

It gives detailed information about what to expect when you take the course and how to effectively study so as to ace the examinations, as well as the different resources and programs which are run by psychology organizations. However the website does not solely focus on giving psychology career advice. It also acts as a resource center the diverse field of professional studies that are available. It has also used as a link to other sites that are in partnership with it.

This website is not applicable to the psychological concepts because it does not tackle any issues pertaining to the psychological concepts but rather gives the reader generalized information on the career.

I did not like the website and neither would I recommend its use to another person who specifically needs information regarding psychology. This is because the site provides very little information that would be considered substantial. It is littered with back links to other websites, some of which are quite irrelevant to the psychology field. It is also poorly laid out and can confuse someone.

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