Praxis II Preparation

Praxis II Preparation

Explain completely how you would characterize Mr. Potter’s classroom management techniques

Mr. Potter’s class was characterized by the unpleasing behavior of children because he was very ignorant about the issues that the students were going through. His management techniques were not appropriate because he did not strategize a plan on how the students had to behave when they were in the class. His class incorporated both the social life and the school life whereby, the two cannot run at the same time. The ignorance of the teacher on the wrongs done by the students may cause other students to start behaving the same if not controlled. The managerial plan in his class was poor because it did not cater for the behavior of the students in the class. This is because the rules in the school should be adhered to irrespective of the social background of the student. In this class, Mr. Potter did not emphasis on the importance of “class rules and regulations because there was inequality in his class” (Kahn, 2010). Some students were preferred more than others and hence creating an imbalanced class setup. In addition, he did not highlight on the rules and thus his relationship with the students was not well defined. Hence, this was because there were no boundaries that separated a teacher and the students. There was a tendency of the students having no respect for the teacher due to the inappropriate interactions between the teacher and the students.

. Why did Adam’s behavior persist in spite of the fact that Mr. Potter’s attempts not to reinforce it with attention?

            The behavior of Adam persisted irrespective of Mr. Potter’s attempt to correct the issue because there was no defined system of rules and regulations in the class. For instance, if there were rules that stated the consequences that one could get for violating rules, Adam could be cautioned for his class conduct. In addition, there was no boundary in the teacher-student relationship because students were not aware of the limits they could observe when dealing with the teacher. In the first instance when Adam saw that the teacher was not concerned about his behavior, he decided to continue because he had the perception that he was gaining more superiority in the class than the teacher was. This is because “many students seek attention through disrupting other people so that they may be recognized ‘(Hastie and Martin, 2006). This behavior also persisted due to the lack of guidance by the parents. In this case, parents play a bigger role in ensuring that children have the basic principles of discipline. Therefore, through regular severe correction, the child will refrain from doing the evil. In addition, his persisted disruption was caused by the fact that in the office, other teachers were not concerned with student’s behavior and for this reason, Adam was received by the school secretary. Sequentially, the school should emphasize on putting forward a punishment strategy that suppresses the student against misusing his rights and freedoms.

What should Mr. Potter try in the future to prevent Adam from being disruptive?

            Mr. Potter should actively plan to control Adam’s behavior in order to prevent and maintain his dignity in the school. By this, he should ensure that the class has a defined discipline plan that elaborates the school rules and regulations and the consequences that one will face after violating the rules. In this way, “the student will be cautioned and compelled to perform and check on his or her behavior” (Wragg, 1993). The administration should be aware of the discipline plan thus they should support the implementation of the plan. There should also be rules governing the operations of the class for instance, students should not talk in the class unless asked by the teacher. Furthermore, it is important for the students to raise hands whenever they want to ask a question or to request for any other assistance. The rules set down should facilitate equality of all students in such a way that all the students irrespective of their social or physical status will be subjected to the same rules and regulations. In addition, these rules should define the position of the teacher thus enhancing his or her respect upon the area of jurisdiction. The parents should also check on the behavior of their children in order to ensure discipline all around both in the school and in the homes. Therefore, in ensuring the adherence of these rules, Mr. Potter will have a peaceful teaching environment.



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