Personal Relationships

Personal Relationships

In general, there are differences between men and women since each gender has a different view on how a relationship should be, where most people believe that women should aim to be attractive to men, while men seek to please them to gain favor. This tends to dictate how women describe themselves, as well as how men will describe themselves to gain favors from the women. In personal advertisements written for men, women, although not much in detail, describe their hair color and eyes, while men focus more on what they do, especially what they feel women want in order to gain favors. In the pictures uploaded, women focused more on their bodies, where they exposed some parts of their bodies by choosing pictures that showed their bodies. Men on the other hand, uploaded pictures that tend to indicate their character, or suggest what they do. There was a difference in the description of the body, where most women described their body in terms of size complexion, and some stating that they are attractive. Men did not dwell on their body, but rather, they described themselves in terms of character, such as honesty, caring and gentle, which women tend to like. The women aim to be attractive while men aim to gain favor.

When it came to activities vs. important values, in personals written for men, women focused on describing what they like doing and the activities that they enjoy more, while men focused on important values in their life. Most men described what they value in their life, such as honesty, which most men said they are and would like their partners to have. However, men too described things they like to do, which had many similarities with women, except the type of activities that men enjoy more, such as sports, while women enjoy traveling more, according to their descriptions.

In general, between men and women, there were similarities in terms of characters that each person wanted his or her partner to have. Most wanted honesty and a caring partner. However, in terms of great personality vs. great looks, women focused on the personality of the man, where some said they wanted a man who likes kids and loves their company. Others said that they want men who are serious and those who do not give up in hard times, responsible, and focused. The women described the kind of personality they would love their partners to have, especially those they felt that would be favorable to the relationship and looks were not much considered. Men on the other hand, wanted beautiful women where most of the men said that they would love their partners to be smart, sexy and classy, while others specified more, such as a blonde-haired woman. Most of the men were more focused on the looks of the women, but also mentioned that they should be intelligent. The men did not focus on the personality traits as much as the women did, but most men included that they would like their partner to be a loving person and confident.

When it came to willingness to make a commitment, it was quite difficult to notice a difference between the man and the woman, as many differences occurred in age wise. Younger men did not mention making a serious or long-term relationship, which meant they did not intend to have much commitment. Some described themselves as cool, saying that they would be the best person a woman will ever have, which meant it would be bound to end, while others said they wanted a woman to have fun with, and did not talk about a relationship. Majority of those who did not want to have much commitment were men, especially the younger ones who maybe feel that they are not ready for serious relationships. On the other hand, women wanted a serious relationship, where they said they would want their partner to be serious and willing to take care and love them. Including younger women, majority wanted a relationship that would last for the longest, where some said they wanted a partner to share the rest of their life with. Generally, women were willing to make commitments for a lifetime relationship, and probably make families than men are willing to commit themselves.

In general, the difference between men and women when it comes to preferences during dating tend to be controlled by the believe of men taking the responsibility of approaching the women, where the women seek to attract the men to their side, while the men seek to be a favorite to the ladies. Considering this belief, majority of women are not sensitive about the looks of men, and are interested in other favorable traits such as personality and ability of the man. Men on the other hand, since it is upon them to approach the woman they like, they are sensitive about the looks, and furthermore, since men present themselves as tough, they do not show emotions, and tend to want less commitment.


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