Palm Card Speech

Palm Card Speech


Digital television has introduced digital video services to the consumer and it has many advantages. The process of converting the analog televisions to digital was completed mid last year. Viewers can exercise control over what they want to watch by choosing specific digital video services (bullet 1). Digital television has transformed the television industry as well as the advertizing industry through the pay-per-view/ pay for impression initiative that is more profitable (bullet 2). In this customer-centric trade environment, services offered are highly customized to enable viewers in accessing particular digital video games according to their preferences (bullet 3). Market niches and segmentation has been enhanced by the introduction of services that appeal to people of particular demographics (bullet 4). This provides an opportunity for marketers to identify their target customers making it easier for promotional activities (bullet 4).


Digital television has enhanced consumer contentment by the Personal Video Recorder appliance that enables the viewer to optimize the utility acquired from television viewing (bullet 1). A benefit that the viewers will appreciate is the power they have to skip through the advertisements or fast forward through them and although this may have a negative impact on other product advertisements, digital technology is still ranked as an exceptional and ground-breaking channel for promotional activities (bullet 2). Additionally, research studies have negated these views by noting that television viewership has seen a dramatic increase in 2002 as viewers have increased the amount of time they spend in front of their television sets by 20%, translating to an increase in the number of channels and programs that they were watching by 41% and 42% respectively (bullet 3). Inferentially, such high increases in the percentage of viewership warrants gradual increase in the future as people become more familiar with the era of digitization (bullet 4).


            Having noted the customer benefits of the PVR, we can also point out several specific benefits attached to business advertisers; marketers are able to track and search products in a more effective manner than they would have using analog television (bullet 1). This makes it easier for them to recommend the products to their consumers and gives them a chance to interact with their clients. The introduction of telescopic ads, where the program is automatically paused during the advert as well as the viewer can learn more about a product or service by clicking on it (bullet 2). The viewers can use the PVR to record their favorite program and store information in their local hard drives (bullet 3), which is a refinement in advertising platform (bullet 4).


            Digital technology has acquired a customer-oriented approach in marketing by infusing the PVR application that has enhanced personalizing the adverts (bullet 1) and consequently having the ability to achieve superior market segmentation by the capacity to service individual households objectively (bullet 2). Research studies and customer services enable marketers to gather profile information that the viewers provide to know the products that are suited for the particular demography (bullet 3) which likely to evoke a response from the customers (bullet 4).


PVR technology has proved to benefitting to the advertising community in terms of an increase in the revenue accrued form increased viewership (bullet 1). The only significant limitation of the PVRs is that the channels are more expensive than most of the other channel with the cost soaring to as high as a hundred times higher than the other channels do (bullet 2). Despite this, digital advertising marks a major milestone in marketing as it enables specific targeting, in-depth promotional services and quantitative viewership acquired by measuring












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