Narrative for PA Admission

Narrative for PA Admission

There have been changes throughout my life but I have been always demanding to know more about biology especially the way life came into its being. My dream in the medical field began when I was young. After twenty years in the field, I could not imagine that one day I would be a victim in the same place I was working. I could not believe what I saw but just a glimmer of light inside my eyes. It was followed by a sense of consciousness and weightlessness, isolated and distanced from the sound of shrieking tires. It was then that I realized I had been involved in an accident and was taken to hospital in the same place where I used to attend accident victims.

Fighting the unexpected things in life is not easy because of the devastating effects it entails. I could not imagine that one time I would be in that window where I used to see patients. My self-image and self-assurance seemed almost to be extinct. I felt helpless when I realized that I was in the same place where I used to attend accident patients. After undergoing numerous surgeries, I returned to my work of chiropractic. I tried to modify, change biomechanics as well as the techniques but I could not benefit and the physical demands made it impracticable. I was left with numerous answers because I could not be able to continue practicing the work in my field of profession. I could not believe that I could no longer be a chiropractor. The sentiment of defeat as well as uncertainty was devastating.

During the period of my post-operative visits that resulted from my neck surgery, I met, my friend Dan in the office. I tried to discuss with him about my troubles as well as frustrations and neurosurgical PA. Dan had a busy day and I jokingly asked if I could help him with pre and post-operative evaluations to patients. The evaluations are carried through focusing on the risk factors for cardiac pulmonary and other complications in order to determine the patient’s functional capacity (Engel 45). He stretched up and asked me if I have ever considered being a physician’s assistant. We started discussing and he later discussed with me the way it is so exciting to work as a PA. Through his explanations about being a PA, I was convinced and he motivated me through commenting that my background as well as my experience was perfect for the job. I was so influenced by him that I left the office happy and with some of kind of hope.

I did not waste time but I started immediately making inquiries about a PA College, which was just nearby. I decided to seek more information from the faculty, students and the entire staff members about the PA career. Everyone convinced me and I learned more about PA, something that motivated me to join the field. I foreshadowed Dan’s ideas and later made a decision. I did not give up on remaining in the healthcare where I enjoyed for many years. However, I decided to move back to my background because I did not want to give up my dreams. Thus, my aim was to achieve my interests and my goals; thus, I continued with my background.

Engel (50) points out that medicine is a science subject of uncertainty and an art subject of probability. During my years in the field of chiropractor, I discovered that the sense of compassionate and touching are powerful as numerous medicines and modalities. A holistic and a pro-active approach are being implemented by PAs not only when taking care of patients but also when they are teaching them. From my experience, I now understand that assisting patients to regain their health is a rewarding career that should be fulfilled.


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