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Managing People for a Competitive Advantage

What is the role of the HR function regarding the management of people within an organization?

People are the most important resource in any organization therefore managing them is an important step in maximizing the productivity and profitability of an organization (Hornsby and Kuratko, 2002). The role of the human resource resolves around developing the individuals and the environment in which they work. A human resource manager has the role of determining the duties and responsibilities of a job then recruiting or hiring people for that job. This analysis is important because the information will be used to set up the wages, determine the level of guidance and promotion. Another major function of the human resource is the administration, utilization and safeguarding of employees, the human resource manager has to organize the responsibilities to utilize the employee’s contribution. In addition, he evaluates the performance of the work force and provides feedback. Similarly, he rewards the personnel for their past performance and provides incentives to improve their future performance. Finally, the human resource handles grievance or conflicts in the organization.

What is the role of the first line supervisor or manager in managing people within an organization?

The first line supervisor oversees the employees in his department. Employees in his line or department are obligated to report directly to the first line supervisor. The progress and performance of the department or line rests on his shoulder. He makes decisions, assign duties and solve the conflicts that arise in his line. The first line supervisor sets the objective and targets that his line has to meet in order to accomplish the target of the entire organization. He has the role of evaluating the performance of employees under him and taking any measures to improve the performance by empowering them. The supervisor briefs his line or department on any changes or decisions made by the managers. They are the management eyes, as they make sure that the organization goals are achieved.

Who is responsible for insuring all HR policies and practices are implemented within the organization?

The supervisors or managers of a department or unit are responsible for insuring all human resource policies and practices are implemented. The human resource manager will delegate the duties and responsibilities of a particular department to the supervisor. The supervisor will delegate the duties to individual employees or teams. The supervisor oversees that human resource practices and polices are implemented.

Who is responsible for the performance of employees within an organization?

The human resource manager is responsible for the employee’s performance. The role of designing an organization work force and launching a communication system rests on the human resource manager. In addition, the human resource manager is responsible for initiating training programs for the employees. If the employees perform poorly then the human resource manager needs to evaluate the situation. The human resource has a function of assessing the performance of the employees. After the appraisal, he presents the feedback to individuals or department. The feedback includes both the positive and negative aspect of the performance.

What is your basis or rationale for your answer to these questions?

A human resource manager plays huge role in an organization. Regardless of the size of a company, the performance of the people will determine the productivity of the organization (Hornsby and Kuratko, 2002). The actions and strategies needed to improve the performance and productivity all lay with the human resource management and the supervisors who back the management.

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