Mexican Culture

Mexican Culture

Globalization is the process of creating links between countries in the world for interdependence in business and market. Many countries from different continents come together to form trade unions which help the in business transactions between each other. Development refers to the growth that takes place in a given activity resulting to a given outcome. Globalization is one of the major influences of development in any give country. When countries form agreements to undertake given transactions, they are likely to boost each other economically due to interdependence. Mexico has been involved in business transactions with other countries hence a reason for economic growth in the country. Formation of free trade agreements between countries is also a factor that has contributed to Mexico’s economic growth.

Plans and prospects of a country are the strategies that a country set in order to improve her current position in all sectors in the future. Mexico is a country in North America and bordered by the United States, Belize and Guatemala. It has an economy that has agriculture, modern and outmoded industry. Due to the privatization of most of the state owned enterprises, which includes railways and airlines, Mexico’s economy has been dominated by private sector. Her trade with other countries like Canada and the United states has increased ever since NAFTA, the free trade agreement in North America was implemented in 1994. Mexico has 31 states and one federal district where the president is elected by majority vote and is both the head of government and the state’s chief for a six-year term (Hinrichs, 2005).

It is mostly because of the need to improve the economic status of a country that most countries come up with a national sustainable development strategy. Mexico’s development plan involves issues concerning both the government principles its objectives and strategies and is approved by the congress. The plan is usually valid in time duration of six months, which are equivalent to one term, and is established at the beginning of a presidential term. The development is aimed to cover social, political, cultural and economic welfares in the country. The current plan is aimed at to major on environmental matters in the country. It is aimed to be a both short and long-term strategy, which may even last for the next 25 years. The vision covers leadership democracy, transparency, development of human rights, high standards of living and growth opportunities (Martin, 2008).

The main objectives in the plan are respect and order, quality growth and social and human development. Respect and order will provide security to the public, fight against corruption, influence decentralization, govern with transparency and upgrade the interrelation among authorities. Social and human development will cover issues that will lead to a strong human capital and government capacity, enhance education, promote equity and promote the wellbeing of the population. Growth with quality will trigger competitiveness, enhance the development of regions and create a perfect environment for competition.

It is crucial for any country to include information in the development plan about industries to be improved in order to improve industrial production in the country. Because of the importance of the information, Mexico came up with information about the countries to improve. Although NAFTA, a free trade agreement in North America, triggered industrial growth in Mexico after its implementation, the industries still need to be improved further (Spotts, ).

All industries deserve to be considered in development but the poor performing industries deserved more attention. Some these industries are transport and communication, agriculture, and education. Mexico’s economy was put in a vulnerable situation to other external conditions by the Macroeconomic policies of the 1970s.This led to her experiencing higher world interest rates, falling oil prices, increasing inflation and deteriorating balance of payments that spurred massive capital flight. Past Industrial recession in Mexico has led to the present need for industrial development. There is therefore the need to have strategies that will develop these industries. They are to be developed through the application of work in establishment the achievement of the set goals in the development plan. The need to reduce pollution of life supporting systems like air, water and soil is a major strategy that is laid for the future development in Mexico.

There is also the need to conserve natural resources, ecosystems and biodiversity. There is the need also to promote agricultural sector through rural development and fisheries. Development under the support of the environment and natural resources in Mexico is not feasible hence the need to use different methods of ensuring that people are taking good care of the environment. Some of the most and best ways that are included in the development plan include the president speeches and reports (Stacy, 2002). It is only through that way that the government comprehends the magnitude of integrating environmental, economic and social concerns and the importance of taking into account prospect generations. This is written in the constitution and the general law of ecological balance and ecological defense.

Institutional aspects will be developed as per development plan. This covers information that expounds more on public spending. The planning process of the country has it that the president is the champion of incorporating sustainability in national development plan. Environment has been said to be no longer a regional issue but must be integrated into national priorities. Alternatives that favor environment in the economic and societal planning that takes place in groups, as well facilitating the incorporation among dissimilar sectors is thought to be the work of the SEMARNAT.

Political expectation of Mexico is to improve in the respect for human rights, of the whole population and improved transparency and accountability. This is because politics are corrupt and scandals ridden with individual focus by parties other than the program to be acted on. This problem will be solved if the right government takes control of the country and ensures that transparency and accountability is maximized. In the past, the country has experienced a continuous chain of irresponsible leaders who have encouraged corruption of the highest order and no serious action was taken on them. The people of Mexico have been yearning for a transparent authority but they never it because no misuse of power by incumbent authority. This is to be solved by implementation of performance contract and stern punishments to leaders who misuse their power.

Mexico has had a complicated relationship with United States. The disappointment caused by the United States to the Mexicans was a brutal act that made Mexicans to lose positive impression of the United States. Repeated invasions by the United States that involved the forcing of half of Mexico’s territory to Washington and constant support for Mexican anti-reform elements made Mexico lose respect on them. Despite all these, in the more recent current years, Mexicans are putting blame their own failings as the reasons for lack of development in the country. Mexico has intended to strengthen their relationship with United States because ever since the signing of the North America free trade agreement (NAFTA), it has experienced rapid economic growth. Mexico is therefore devoted to associate with the United States for her to experience more growth that is economical (Spotts, 2005). It is therefore of great benefit to Mexico and should forget about the past and associate herself with United States in order to continue growing economically. The fact that the two countries are involved in the regional free trade zone gives a low economy country, Mexico, an opportunity to trade with a large economy, The United states. It is therefore true to say that, the consequence with the United States will be good with Mexico because of business interdependence between the two countries.

The long-term effect of North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Central America Free trading Agreement is a looming economic development in the United States and Mexico due to business interdependence caused by free trade agreements between the two countries. It will be of great importance to Mexico because it will be getting favors involved in trading with a big economy. The industries that had already faced recession in Mexico will be boosted by the strong industries and propagate a general industrial growth in the country. Mexico will also get the opportunity of trading freely with other countries in Central America, a factor that will boost her economy too. There will always be a ready market for both produced and manufactured goods between the countries and increased employment in the countries. Peace will also prevail amongst the countries involved in the trade because of the free trade and interaction between them. People between the countries are also likely to intermarry in the process hence strengthening unity between the people of the different countries. Foreign exchange is also likely to take place hence people in a given country are likely to get what they lack in their country from another country. Exchange of currency is also likely to take place because countries will exchange their currencies with that of the other trading country. The learning of foreign language is a likely occurrence because of the interaction of people from different origins.

Mexico should understand that it is important for a country to protect her natural resource for future use and learn the basic ways of protecting them (Stacy 2002). Natural resources help in future if only preserved or protected by human beings. They range from water, soil to air. Mexicans should practice all means of stopping pollution as a measure to stopping their depletion. Industrial wastes should be regulated not to contaminate the environment. Smoke and fumes released from chimneys in industries should be filtered before it is exposed to the atmosphere. Smoke cause depletion of the ozone layer hence causing a big environmental hazard. It is therefore important to control the emission of industrial gases into the atmosphere as a measure to reduce air pollution. The Mexicans should also put in mind that non-biodegradable materials should not be dumped into pits because the cause soil pollution and reduce the production rate of the soil. Industrial wastes should not be drained into rivers because they cause water pollution making it unfit for consumption (Levy, 2008).

The industrial wastes also contain products that may lead to the death of plants after the sipping of the water into the ground. They should also protect their natural resources from depletion by their neighboring countries because the resources are very rare to get once they are completely depleted hence the need to keep for the future use. Minerals should also be protected to prevent for their use in future. Mexican government should enact laws that restrict people from causing pollution or misusing natural resources, which are very important to be used in future. It should therefore be a call to all the citizens of Mexico to protect their natural resources and avoid selling them to their trading partners for the benefit of the country at large.

On the issue concerning immigration and emigration reforms in Mexico, Mexicans should take into consideration the importance of immigration. The country should enact fair laws that govern the movement in and outside the country. The reforms mainly target the United States. Mexico proposes emigration and immigration laws that flavor both countries. The movement from one country to another should be realistic in the basis of nature, dimensions, and consequences of migration from one country to the other (Levy, 2008)

. This is a privilege to both countries because only valuable movement is encouraged across their border. People are entitled to move to the other country with a definite and concrete reason to avoid clashes between the countries. The laws that govern the movement from Mexico to the United States also ensure that free and fair trade exists between the countries. It is therefore important to know that the emigration reforms that are made by the Mexicans should also involve negotiations with the United States.

It is important to note that United States has been a major contributor towards Mexico’s economic growth and that Mexico should forget about the invasions made to them in the past and look forward to creating a strong bond between the two countries. In this way, they will depend on each other through business interdependence. This is the forward to a tremendous economical growth in Mexico. It is also significant for Mexico to include the protection of natural resources in her development plan. Mexican’s development plan is therefore a good example of a good strategic plan towards the development of the country. In future, Mexico’s economy will rise to a high level if only the authority works towards achieving the strategic plans contained in her development plan. It is also through globalization that the country will be able to experience both domestic and global development.









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