Product Review 

AstraZeneca as a pharmaceutical company has a worldwide marketing target. More specifically in this paper, we shall discuss its marketing to underdeveloped countries. The company outsources or contracts marketing companies to perform their marketing for them. Marketing companies then conduct local promotional communications to the locals in these underdeveloped countries. This assures the company of good quality marketing in terms of accuracy, acceptability due to familiarity of the marketing company with the areas. The main company is also assured of the legality of the process since registered marketing companies are compliant to international rules and regulations especially those concerning the medical world.

AstraZeneca’s main aim shall be to make sure the best promotional and communication activities are undertaken. These are approved after a proper scrutiny of the available data and before anything is done, it has to be compliant with the pharmaceutical industry ethical and regulatory standards. Contracted companies are duly updated on the high ethical and moral standards of the company and since they act on behalf of the company, they are expected to behave ethically and properly in the marketing and selling of the company’s products. They are also made aware of AstraZeneca policies standards and procedures and good results are always expected of them. Very high standards of quality and efficiency are set when doing the promotions and communication activities to the markets.

Nominated signatories are charged with the responsibility of reviewing all the promotional materials and activities. They do this however with the guidance of documented procedures. Generally, the responsibility of maintaining good ethical and promotional standards is charged to everyone involved in the whole process. Since underdeveloped countries have poor resources, the use of marketing and promotional modes likes the internet is not recommended and a more personal approach is taken. Meetings involving health professionals are conducted to establish different bases including promotional, clinical trial, advisory and educational. Proper arrangements are done in specific areas in these underdeveloped nations of course with the help of those marketing companies that are contracted since they have a wide knowledge of the regions (Hancock, 2005).

Sales and selling activities are done ethically and legally. All aspects of AstraZeneca’s business operations are done in accordance to international laws governing the trade. Prices are set in relation to the area of selling. In the underdeveloped countries and areas in the world, the prices for drugs are subsidized to enable the natives in these areas to buy. International bodies also regulate the prices of drugs in these areas. The responsibility of making sure the selling activities and practices are in line with the applicable codes and regulations is charged to every individual involved in the selling process. This however is just not let to be, certain control measures that are operated by the management aid the process. The assurance that proper practices are being followed is also reinforced through training on all the ethical, regulatory and legal aspects of the sale of pharmaceutical products (Hancock, 2005).

AstraZeneca’s quest to penetrate the harsh conditions of underdeveloped countries is made sure by all the vetting, training and procedures carried out as illustrated above. The subsidized prices also make sure that those who cannot afford expensive drugs can also get medication. The external environment is generally taken as the entire markets world over. Ways to penetrate, market, promote and actually sell AstraZeneca’s products are as we have discussed and they are quite effective. The company has quite penetrated the external markets and as a pharmaceutical company, it has managed to stay inline wit hall the legal and ethical regulations that govern the pharmaceutical industry.


Hancock, John. Investing in corporate social responsibility: a guide to best practice, business planning & the UK’s leading companies. Bentonville, Arkansas: Kogan Page Publishers, 2005. Print.

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