Different parts of the world have different laws that govern them. This may cause a misunderstanding where the parties suing are from different countries. This explains the formulation of international laws that can be applied when the parties are from different countries. Due to the growing interaction of business people across the globe, there is existence of the international business laws that govern the business field legally. In the case of shipping people or cargo, ships sail on water, which can be in the territory of more than one country. To avoid conflicts, the standardized private and public laws are put in place to govern the international issues that may arise. It is very clear that the American laws differ with that of international business environment, which assists the passengers legally in consideration with the flag that the ship boarded flies.

After the unfortunate turnout of events on the Doe, the International Industries Company will face the following consequences:

Public Ramifications

In this case, the crime against Mr. and Mrs. Doe occurred to negligence and failure of the international industry to carry out a check on all its passengers, otherwise, they would have been discovered when the passengers alighted. Where there is negligence of their duties, the shipping company can be sued by the affected party and the public laws will apply. This will involve the government, which in this case is Liberia whose flag the ship flew. In this case, the lawsuit filed by Mrs. Doe’s wife is considered null and void. This is because according to the Liberian law, she is not legible to file a suit in place of her husband. All her property including the jewellery that was stolen by the employees while on board belonged to the husband. Her capacity to file for the lawsuit is limited by the fact that she is also her husband’s property. Therefore, according to the laws, the International Industries Company will not be liable for the losses unless the suit is filed by the husband himself.

Private Ramifications

Here, the international industry did not honor its contract to protect the employee. The incident involved an employee and a passenger. Mrs. Doe lawyer sued for hiring of employees who are incompetent, which is punishable in consideration of the private laws of the International Business Environment. This will be done without the intervention of the government. Since there is no intervention from the government, the Liberian laws will not be applicable. Mrs. Doe’s suit through her lawyer will be considered legible. Since the couple identified their assaulters, they have a solid case against the shipping company. The possible ramifications will revolve around the agreement by the two parties. The case can either be settled out of court by the two parties if they agree on the compensation amount. Where they do not agree, the lawyer has the right to get the matter sorted in court under the suit by the wife of Mr. Does.

If the ship were headed for the American resort of the International Industries Company, it would be flying the American flag, thus all claims under the American jurisdiction. The same facts of the case would be presented. In the American system, a wife is independent from the husband and has her own property. The lawsuit filed by Mrs. Doe on her own and husband’s behalf would be valid and lawful. Therefore, the International Industries Company would either concede to the demands of the lawyer or settle the matter in court. Both the private and public laws would be recognized by the government to hold the shipping company liable for the losses by its passengers. The facts surrounding the claims of negligence would be subjected to the penal code of the United States. The employee, employer passenger contract would be subject to the International Business Environment laws.

After the incident, the International Industries Company is obligated to compensate the couple for the lawsuits considered valid according to the agreement. They are also obligated to formulate reforms that will ensure there is no repeat of the incident in future. Considering the claims and the accident, the company should ensure caution when hiring their staff to ensure they are competent in the field and honor the employee-passenger contract. Security in the company should be enhanced to ensure no incidences such as that occur undetected. Checking of passengers alighting should also be intensified to avoid leaving behind unsuspecting passengers. If the crew had checked and counted the alighting passengers, they would have noticed that the couple was missing.


Laws should be flexible to ensure justice is served to all people. The effort to formulate standard laws that will govern the international transactions is commendable. Caution is however fundamental in the formulation of these laws in order to avoid violation of common human rights such as right to life. Businesses transacting across the globe should ensure they do not neglect the interests of their clients and the community at large. Cases of negligence should be minimal or none at all. The parties involved should also be adequately protected from any external harm. In the case of Mr. and Mrs. Doe, the crew should have been more cautious in hiring the crew with an effective management system, which should have put in place intense practical measures.


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