Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Part 1: Pre-Writing /invention process

The pre-writing/invention strategy that I used in writing this essay was clustering and it was effective because the topic I chose needed serious attention. First, I wrote down the topic that I was to address and this was about the letter from a Birmingham Jail. After writing the topic, I was able to narrow it down by writing the major parts of the topic and connecting them to the main topic. Finally, I had to gather and generate information, facts, examples that were related to the main topic. For instance, the main topic was the letter from a Birmingham Jail, while the main body that the letter addressed the allegations made by clergymen that Dr. King Luther had decided to write a letter to explain why he was in Alabama and the cause for all his troubles. This strategy was useful because by applying it, I learned a lot and I was able to gather enough facts and examples that were related to my topic. This is because the clustering strategy requires detailed information, thus a good strategy for carrying out research work. Next time I write a self-assessment essay, I would wish to try, another strategy and this include brainstorming. This is because of its simple nature. All I need to do with this strategy is to involve my friends in the discussion in order to generate ideas about a given topic.

Part 2: Writing Process

The main purpose for writing this essay was to give advice to other African –American citizens to call a halt from associating themselves with Dr. King and other protesters. My audience included all blacks of America, fellow students and friends protesting against unfair segregation and gender discrimination policies (Probst, 2000). I was able to fulfill my responsibility to the audience by being clear and straight to the point, this through addressing the real needs of my audiences. The main point of the essay was about people fighting for their rights and not giving up to injustices. I would wish my audiences to know that they have a right to equality in the nation, therefore, incase of any injustices such gender discrimination policies and unfair segregations, they should stand up strong and claim justice.

Part 3: Peer Reviewing Process

When I was peer viewing my peer’s essay, I had to note the type of paper/ research he was dealing with, if instructions were followed for instance, the right number of authors. Another aspect I looked for was to know whether the technical aspects were written in the correct order like table of figures. From my peer’s essay, I learned more on how to format my essay or article in the best way required. For instance, I learned a new way of structuring abstracts and how to place all the references in the essay. After peer viewing my friends work, I learned that I needed to add more effort in my writing skills and make some improvements where possible. The peer review process enlightened me a lot. I got some new concepts and ideas after the whole process and therefore, it made me feel that I still need to work hard in order to achieve my goals.

Part 4: Revising Process

I do my revision by creating enough time in order to be able to correct all areas that I may have done wrong. Another way is through rethinking over my topic of study. This makes me know whether the topic I chose is the best for me. To be sure that I have done some quality work, I give my initial draft copy to a friend to review. Through this, I am corrected and helped where necessary and this helps me to produce quality work. Lastly, I focus my attention while writing my work so that I can generate ideas as I write. I chose to make these revisions so that I could have written work with little or no mistakes. This is because while writing, one is bound to make grammatical mistakes; therefore, proofreading helps solve such cases. My revised draft work may be free from any mistakes and with full information as required compared to the initial draft. I learned new concepts, ideas, and I was enlightened over certain issues.

Part 5: Assessing

The strongest aspect of the essay included the issues affecting the African American citizens such as race discrimination, segregation unfairness and gender segregation policies. The weakest part of the essay was that it never met the intended objectives. As I was writing this essay, I encountered challenges such as lack of enough information and feeling fatigue while revising the work more than two times for perfection. However, I could take a break of few minutes then continue working to avoid fatigue. The next essay, I would use different strategies that could give me enough ideas about the topic of study. From this essay writing, I learned that I had the ability to be more creative in writing, and my audiences made me gain courage and confidence. Self-assessment writing is important because it gives me room to develop, assess and analyze my self in the best way possible.












Probst, R. (2000). Elements of literature. New York, NY: Winston.

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