For the floor manager to succeed in enhancing Roger’s motivation, he should apply the need theories as they focus on the internal factors that lead to the energizing of directing of the employee behavior. The best need theory to be employed in this case is the Herzeberg’s motivator-hygiene theory. Motivators in the case of Rogers are challenging work, recognition and responsibility as they are linked to positive satisfaction (Beck, 2004). The hygiene factors include status, job security, fringe benefits and salary. Although Rogers has been accorded with the hygiene factors by the store, he is still not satisfied. This is because hygiene factors do not provide positive satisfaction.


The floor manger should concentrate on motivator factors, because they work towards enhancing Roger’s performance. To increase the intrinsic motivation of Rogers, the manager should increase the number of responsibilities that Roger holds (Gitman & McDaniel, 2009). Roger is bored with his work because his responsibilities for the past five years are the same, hence he feels underutilized by the store. Providing him with more responsibility will increase his motivation to perform better at work. Different challenges should be injected into the job by the floor manager.

In this case, the manager can decide to swap the other employee with Roger such that Roger will perform the duty of the other employee, while the employee carries out the work of Roger. This will exert challenge into the job, therefore motivating Roger. This is because challenge at work acts as a motivator for most employees (Beck, 2004). The floor manager should encourage the store to accord Roger with recognition for his exemplary work. The company can accord him with a reward for his service and this will motivate Roger to perform even better in his work. Roger loves the job and he requires the above motivator factors to motivate him.



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