Income Tax

Income Tax

There are many resources relating to taxes that are helpful in the process of tax analyses. Taxation is one of the many functions that a government undertakes during every fiscal year. It is very important as it helps in the raising of the revenue for the government. Taxation is a function in the accounting sector. Thus most of the sites with information about accounting usually contain materials relating to taxation. Most of the accounting sites embrace the current issues that affect many issues on finance, accounting, taxation, investments etc (Weltman, 2001).

One of the websites that provides information on taxation is the accounting website: This site is one of the credible sources of information on taxation and other accounting related information. Maintained by the Boston accounting firm, Freely & Driscoll, it is known for its tradition of being up-to-date on the data it gives. The benefits of this site include giving in-depth information on accounting practices, laws pertaining to taxation and other important resources.

Another website known for its wide embrace of the current taxation practices and accounting standards is American Institute of Certified Public Accountants,  This is one of the most respected sites not only in America, but also in the world. The site provides very important details about accounting, taxation laws, rules about effective performance and other relevant resources relating to accounting and taxation. This information is very useful to a professional as it gives easy access to the right material needed.

The third website that is also known for its credibility is the Internal Revenue Service, IRS website:  It contains information about the tax collection of the nation and the administration of the Internal Revenue Code.  The site is a great asset to the tax professional as one can acquire any relevant information on taxation.


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