How the budget cuts affect the promise of higher education in California

Purpose of the study

The study is conducted with the aim to petition the legislature not to allow the proposal to see the light of the day because it will affect everything the founders of education has worked for. The paper is intended for all stakeholders of education in California to join in the move to stop the legislature from passing the proposal.


The government has proposed to cut off some of the finances for community college of California. The cut off is a blow for the students who have hopes of furthering their education. parents students and all stake holders who might be affected by this decision can only hope that the decision will not be enacted by the legislature. This paper will discuss the causes of the decision and the effects it has on the people of California in as far achieving the American dream for education for all (McKinley,2010). The paper will evaluate the options available for parents and student. For the community college funding the funding has been is inconsistent , therefore if any cuts are to be implemented the public of California is yet to comprehend the damage this will  cause on the colleges .


Causes of the government decision

The country is facing an economic strain and the government is trying to find ways and means to reduce the national budget that is currently operating in deficits. The treasury has tried to find institution that can led money to support the national budget deficits. Because of these borrowings, the country economy is moving to a debt crisis almost ever arm of the government is operating beyond its budget (Government 2010). The government now seeks to reduce this spending in a move to arrest the situation. However, the government has other areas to exercise this move since the education is a sensitive area there are chances the legislature will not pass the proposal because the effects are likely to undermine the earlier efforts by scholar to ensure that poor students have assess to further their education. California people felt that the government is hitting back at them for refusing to pass tax levies that were to be increase. Sixty percent of the California rejected the move saying the government should find other ways to find money (Johnson, Oliff &, Williams,2010).

Effects of the government decision

The government should be made aware that there are poor students who depend entirely on the government for their education. For them this more than a support system, it not only gives chance to realize a dream and a chance to get the career they want is a hope for better to morrow (Government. 2010). There future depends on the thin line of yes and no. the government should realize if they kill this hope, they are breeding an angry and bitter nation among the youth and they are likely to experience more insecurity issues in the future. They will also be creating a future that has no reference to the government .more students will drop out of school and children who have nothing to neat at home who depend on school program for the maintenance of the same will create irreparable problem for this country.

The proposed cuts will not reduce the negative effects the budget is experiencing in fact this will create problems with the response of rise in family needs. For a student who so busy in a class, he may not need leisure as such and his consumptions level are manageable. However, if he is idle he has extra time on his hands, he will need more recreational levels and consumption level of families will go up so that in future the company will have bigger problem than what it can handle. The cuts will result in increase of the country expenditure thus deepening the national debt crisis.


If the cuts see the light of the day, the government will incur more debts in the future, which means that this viscous cycle that will not end soon. Therefore to end address the problem at hand ad prevent other implied problems the government should not implement the reduction in its education system. The governments should seek to find other reasonable measures, which will yield better result that will not have negative impact like the one they have just proposed. The government should seek other sponsors who would share the responsibilities of paying the fees of the CCC (Solanki, 2010).The proposal to raise fees should be done through informed decisions so the poor students are not caught up in the crisis of having fees raised beyond what they can afford.


The paper discussed the effects of the cuts off on school funding and the effects of the decision. The paper also analyzed the budget proposal and the options available for the government. The project will also analyze long-term effects of the government move. The paper concluded that the effects of the cuts have deeper and engraved impact than what the government intends to solve therefore the decisions is short term and hazardous (Johnson, Oliff, &, Williams, 2010). The paper therefore recommends that the government identify other sources of funding to cover the shortages in the budget for the greater good of the country future and for its own sake, in terms of uniting people. The proposed cuts will kill the hope of so many students whose parents cannot afford to keep them in school and still be able to meet other obligations in their life. Raising school fees for students should also be informed in that poor students are not subjected to fees they cannot afford .If people lose faith with the government, it will not be in apposition to fulfill its mandate.




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