Hollywood and World Cinemas Old and New

Hollywood and World Cinemas Old and New

Eagle vs. Shark

The film presents a love story of two people who are a total misfit for each other in a comic narration of their romance, which is meshed up by a strong feeling of revenge on high school bullies and through video games. They meet in a party dressed in their favorite animal outfits, which are both of predators, suggesting that they are on a mission to hunt down someone, in this case the bullies being the prey. They awkwardly fall in love out of their odd interests. The two characters, Jarrod, who is a clerk in an electronics store, and Lily is a cashier in a meaty boy shop, start their romance after playing a video game where lily dressed as a shark almost beats Jarrod, dressed as an eagle. Later he takes her to bed and they have a very odd sex.

In the film, when the couple is in bed, we see them kissing, they lie on the bed, still in clothes and kissing, they get under the covers still in clothes, and the camera draws away to imply they are having sex, and when it draws back, they are lying on the bed smiling implying they have had sex. This is very odd since it suggests that they do not know how to make love, as in other films, half nudity is shown to imply sex. There are frequent interruptions where animations are used to highlight the main theme of the story and how odd the situations are. In another scene, the two characters are shown in their sleeping bag, and the man lying opposite way, which does not make any sense except oddness.

Jarrod decides to travel to his hometown to seek vengeance from a high school bully that had bulled him, lily follows along, and several violent scenes are shown. One is where a young man hits another man who is on a wheel chair. He poses for a moment, then attacks him more and pulls him from the wheel chair and onto the ground. There are threatening calls from a young man to his bully in high school, saying that they will have a fight, and another plans to kill a high school bully that bullied him, and in another scene, a young man is shown hitting the back of a sit near a woman with anger in him. The video games have been used to highlight the violent intentions of the two characters intending to do the same to their bullies. These scenes have developed a theme of violence in the film, though it is narrated with humor.

The film has used good cinematographic techniques that have highlighted its theme, and made it interesting. In editing of the film, the use of animations has helped to develop the theme of the film in a delicate yet entertaining to the audience. In the animation, showing the two characters fighting in sleeping bags implies success or failure of their relationship, and who is the deadly predator. He uses the shark and eagle to illustrate the common interests in both characters, which bring them together after they realize they have common interests, which are triggered by experiences that make them what they are and behave the way they do. The film creates humor in the ordinary activities in the film and brings a sense of minor triumph in a person’s misfortune in life, to imply that the two characters are achieving something.

One of the visual cinematic techniques used is a close up shot of the woman fantasizing. This is focused on the man’s lips to lay emphasis. There is no background from this n, scene, which highlights where the concentration of the woman is. The angle of medium shot is used in most of the scenes putting in the viewers in a position to view it as in real scenarios. The audio quality of the movie was natural. The music range suited the film. The tone of lighting in the movie was vivid, although it seemed to become brighter as though to imply that the characters self image was improving.

My Beautiful Laundrette

The film is set in London, and it is about how two men who are in love with each other struggle to remain together and make money, which is seen as the way out of problems that each group faces. The theme of this movie is ethnic conflicts that are attributed to money, and odd relationships are evident, as most of the people in the movie are outsiders in one way or another. Omar and john are men of two different ethnic groups, but still fall in love, irrespective of the society perception of gay relationship although it is not emphasized. Asian communities hate poor Britons just as they hate them, low class people are alienated by the society, and all groups try to fight their way out through seeking wealth. The narration of the film takes people back in history and provide the views held at that time, and in particular, this has been shown in the scene that Omar’s father wants him to go back to school, since according to him it is the best asset while the uncle holds a different view. This does relate to modern world where people choose between advancing knowledge and making money.

John and Omar are two different ethnical people who fall in love against taboos of Pakistan to have gay relationships, and how they fall in love is odd since they are supposed to be rivals. They fall back in love after John, in a gang of white poor people attack Omar and his uncle, then we find out their relationship had ended and this attack was a reunion. The film is gay oriented and the audience would tend to think that more attention would be laid on how the society is against their relationship, but instead it is shows the relationship as healthy as any other, and can be enjoyed without drawing attention from the society by remaining a secret. The film tends to imply to the audience that this love can be cherished just as any other since the film does not show the problems that are associated with such relationships. When the laundrette is opened, the film shows romantic scene when John and Omar look at each other through a transparent glass, which is effected by how their reflections are overlapped to imply intimacy.

The film holds a view that racial minorities believe that they have to have a position or good image to fight against the racism and gain representation. The film show that the minorities are in favor of this believe when the Omar’s family is portrayed as selfish and wants to gain from others. Omar who is a minority exploits John, his lover; Salim’s relationship remains mysterious, and shares a common view of violence with a front gang that he is involved in it. This is a depiction of violence, and conflicts between classes that lead to gangs attacking those they hate are shown. One good example is when John and his gang attack Omar when he is driving his uncle and his wife home. In another scene, John is attacked by his fellow white poor people for helping people who are supposed to be their rivals, since they did not understand his reasons. Again, Salim tries to run over a group of white punks that had attacked Omar’s car previously, and expresses his hatred towards them.

The movie has a lot of close up shots have been used in the film to express the facial variations of people as they talk about issues and when engaging in their activities. One good example is when john is kissing Omar from on the neck from the back. Medium shots show the decorated Laundrette in full, to give an impression of a new down where the laundrette suggests that people can have their fantasies, and enjoy them as Nasser and Rachael demonstrate. The editing of the movie is appropriate to the story as it is passed well to incorporate all the scenes and time taken for each. There are no prolonged scenes. The transitions when John and Omar are fading away tend to show how their relationship fades away time to time.

The two films share a common theme of odd couples that fall in love in odd ways that bring them on and off the relationship. In the fist film, Eagle vs. Shark, the couple falls in lode out of their common odd behaviors that make them fight from time to time as depicted in the animations. The couple does odd things that are not ordinary to implying they have a different view from others. In the second film, John and Omar have a different view to sexual relationship from other people. The two films further share a theme of violence illustrated from the scenes, such as threats of killing a high school bully in the first film, and several violent scenes from the second film, where there are several gang attacks happen. The films have used good narratives to develop the theme and create humor in the film.

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