Global Warming

Global Warming-Summary

Global warming refers to the general rise in temperature in the surrounding due to human activities on earth, mainly due to industrialization as many industries have kept the pace with technological inventions. The negative effects of this phenomenon extend to people, animals and plants as climate changes making it hard for them to adjust and adapt to the new environment. Scientists believe that the natural protective layer that regulates the amount of sunlight and heat reaching the earth is damaged by unregulated carbon emissions from industries especially in developed industrialized countries.

Global warming affects agricultural production and disorients water catchments locations, leading to acute shortages of food and water thereby jeopardizing the existence of man and his surroundings. I never imagined that we are the cause of our problems today, for instance the scarcity of food and water; I thought global warming was part of nature (Houghton, 2004). This drives me to change the way I undertake my daily activities, and think of ways to better the environment, for example conserving trees and planting more.

By editing the thesis paragraph and adding specific, simple and a more direct explanation on what global warming means and how unconsciously we contribute to the problem. The terms ‘global warming’ should not be complex, lest the same people who need to be addressed on the issue do not get its importance. It makes the paper carry the most details in the first paragraph.

The use of simple and proper English makes my work clear and straight forward. The simple heading and clear introduction prepares the reader on exactly what the essay is about by allowing them to guess what to expect after every sentence. Every paragraph begins with words that suggest the details of the topic in the paragraph, which makes the reading easy and predictable.

On the final research paper, it would be hard to write a summary any simpler than this because most of the vital information from the rough draft is in this review. The multi-source paper carries almost all the information I need to summarize about, so it is important as it will help plan my paragraphs and the points they carry. It is also my primary source of information, thus any reference on points that I have omitted is done on it.




















Houghton, J. T. (2004). Global warming: The complete briefing, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press






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