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Mean Creek

            Mean Creek is a film that revolves around a group of teenagers that have a fatal ending in their camping trip. The film has several themes with the main being bullying. Sam the Protagonist is a victim of the school bully, George. He informs his brother Rocky, that he has undergone the ordeal severally. Clyde, Rocky’s friend is also a victim of bullying but with a special case of word bullying (Ebert 237). This is from the fact that his parents are gay making it him an easy target. The theme of revenge is also evident in the film as Sam and his brother resort into tricking George into their trip with an aim of avenging for Sam’s bullying by making him strip and forcing him to go home without clothes. The theme of love is shown through Sam and his girlfriend, Millie. The friendship theme is shown between the named lovers, Rocky and his two friends, Clyde and Marty, and George with his two friends too.

Marty and George’s feud caused by the unduly reference to Marty’s dead father enhances the theme of revenge and spurs the movie to George’s demise (Indiana University 196). Both deaths depict the death theme. The Conniving is demonstrated by the plan that the teenagers com up with to explain their companion’s death and it is all in place due to Marty’s threats. Although they bail out of the plan, Marty is unrelenting and he ends up leaving his home and becoming a fugitive. The theme of morality (honesty) is underlined in this scene. Harry Potter shares in the theme of death since the sequel begins with the mention of his parents’ death (Rowling 59). Voldemort is in a quest to attain power over death by making himself immortal. The theme of morality is also common as young Harry is always faced with the questions of right and wrong. The theme of revenge is Harry’s mission in his quest for Voldemort who killed his parents. The theme of friendship and love is brought out by the relationship that exists between Harry and his two friends, Ron and Hermione.





















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