EIT TASK 3 revised

EIT TASK 3 revised

Identify the lesson components you chose

In this study, the concept of understanding and appreciating the American history occupies the first component of the lesson. The other lesson regards the ability to understand and apply the computer-based information in learning history together with the ability to remember the dates when certain historical events took place and the ability to remember images of the Historical monuments and sites. At the end of every class, students will partake in discussions of what they have learned in and Continuous Assessment Tests will be issued periodically, which will account for 30% of the final marks. At the end of the term, there will be an exam covering all that was learned and this will account for 60% of the marks. The remaining 10% will come from assignments.

Explain why you chose each resource you evaluated in A1.

The resources include History Books, Visual Aids (power point presentations) and the Academic Websites. The reasons that I used the History books as part of the resources is because they contain information of American prehistory in logical and well organized way in which it enables the  student to understands the occurrences of events in a more detailed way. Further more objectives are clearly defined, and this enables the actualization of learning objectives. Visual aids make use of text and images in its portrayal of history. In addition, PowerPoint gives a brief description of World War 1, the individuals involved and the crisis leading up to it. Academic websites on the other hand can be used to teach cultural diversity. They also have different factors that encourage their use as teaching resources. Some websites have graphical collections of history Podcasts that make lessons easier to learn. Historical layout is clear, and learners can find whatever they need since they are rationally presented.

Explain why each area in the evaluation checklist is important pedagogically.

Guidelines are very important in teaching for they include timelines of teaching, goals to be attained and how to deal with challenges. Timelines have to be drawn up by the teacher and students thus the different aspects of the history lesson should be allocated time in which they are to be completed to cover the whole lesson by the end of a term. The goals include both of the teacher and of students. For instance, Clarity in the case of visual aids, “the texts should be easy to read and also to understand and the images should be clear enough to be comprehended” (Tosh 2006). In the case of pod casts, the information that is contained in them is quite accurate and clear. In addition, the amount contained in the academic websites is just enough with clear and brief answers to questions thus enhancing efficiency. There is no unnecessary information hence the lessons help the students in their studies.

Explain why it is important to choose culturally appropriate and linguistically sensitive materials.

The use of culture and language are sensitive parts in the society thus, they require attention in this study. This is done to enhance cohesion through understanding of the work presented. In addition, cultural issues are vital because they represent sense of belonging of a community thus it should be respected to facilitate peace. The book introduces all aspects clearly and explains it in depth to the readers’ understanding. “Visual arts are best sources of historical ages as they show what and how things were at a particular time” (Lowenthal, 2000). It provides pictures to the learners and gives them the actual look of the environment as changes took place during early ages. The use of both text and images in visual aid is helpful

Explain why you would or would not decide to use each resource in the lesson.

All the three mentioned resources have their own contribution in form of enhancing student learning. Therefore, to prevent the prejudice associated with such, teachers should involve the use of other resources. The power point presentation as much as they offer colorful text or pictures, they are time consuming when creating them and they do not allow the passing of a lot of information without reducing their font size. They should only be applied in classrooms that do not have many students. Academic websites are the newest addition to the learning system and they offer a lot of information that can be updated. In addition, access of information is faster compared to other resources. The use of academic websites may be reduced due to the fact that, not everyone also prefers computers. All the three resources rely on each other and they should be used interchangeably where possible.



Lowenthal, D. (2000). Dilemmas and delights of learning history: Knowing teaching and learning history, national and international perspectives. New York, NY: New York University Press.

Tosh, J. (2006). The pursuit of history. London, UK: Pearson Education Limited.




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