Educational Plan

Educational Plan

            Students in the modern world are plagued with problems of retention of what they have learnt therefore culminating into poor grades. This has been the reason behind the interest exhibited by most students when it comes to methods that can ensure the retention of the learnt materials thus enhancing the acquisition of the proffered grades. Consequently, the same students are usually under the constant pressure to perform from both their parents and teachers. Many scholars have reacted to this phenomenon by writing literature based on different education plans that can be adopted by the students as well as teachers in the upgrading of the grades acquired by different students. Different education plans can be adopted by different teachers and students but their success depends on the interest and the perception that the implementers have towards the plans.

The book Effective College Learning is a book based on the reasons why students learn and the methods the students can use in order to enhance the effectiveness of their learning process. The interest exhibited by the students in the learning process is essential for the articulation of the different concepts that encompass the learning process. If the students’ interests keep on shifting from the essential concepts that encompass the learning process, they will never acquire the knowledge that is being imparted into them through the employment of the concepts. The education plan recommended by the book starts with the incorporation of the students’ interest into the learning process. Most students will exhibit interest in reading a certain text book due to the visual image portrayed by the book.

This is a clear indication that the students who are visual in nature should be provided with text books that have articulated an interesting and engaging visual design. This can be a fundamental prerequisite in learning research. This is because, for learning to be more effective the students are encouraged to carry out different types of research as this will enhanced their higher understanding of the concepts being taught in class. The teacher should act as an encouraging force in this case. This is because most students are discouraged from carrying out research as it involves the studying of different types of text books as well as other learning materials. If the students are provided with learning materials that have engaging visual designs then they will be interested in conducting the research needed to incorporate the required concepts in their minds.

Part of the education plan should be based on the encouragement of gathering experiences from outside the class setting. Many students especially those who have learning disabilities are intimidated by the class setting in most cases. The best method of imparting knowledge to these students is through taking them through the process of acquiring experience from other settings apart from the class setting. This can be through for example taking a history class to the museum to learn different historical concepts. This experience aids the student in the retention of what they learnt as they managed to experience history at a closer perspective. Conversely, the same experience would enhance the interest of the students towards the concepts being learnt thus enhancing the success of the learning process.

The retention of concepts learnt in the learning process does not only involve the articulation of interest but it also involves the articulation of settings that are not intimidating to different students. Though students should be encouraged to uptake different education plans to enhance their learning capacity, the teachers should also work hand in hand with the students. The education plan included in the book Effective College Learning encompasses the cooperation of students and teachers in the learning process. It involves imparting knowledge through the provision of learning materials that are visually engaging to encourage the conduction of learning research. Teachers are also encouraged to provide different settings from the class setting for students to enhance their acquisition of different types of experiences. In conclusion, different education plans can be adopted by different teachers and students but their success depends on the interest and the perception that the implementers have towards the plans.


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