Dream Job Dialogue


Audrey: What do you pursue here in college? I study education, degree level, third year.

Stephen: Am also studying education, degree level, fourth year.

Audrey: I would like to be a lecture in future. That is why I chose an education course because

Am planning to advance until I become a lecturer.

Stephen: Am aspiring to be a chancellor in one of the universities. I will advance up to

Doctorate. I would like to come up with better ways of improving education here in

America. Students must only learn what is relevant in their line of careers.

Audrey:  What is your understanding about the K-12 education system here in America?

Stephen: It is an education system with a curriculum that has been improved throughout the       years, particularly on stem subjects like science, mathematics, technology and engineering.

Audrey: Research has discovered that this system is still underdeveloped and needs to be upgraded. This is especially in the engineering subject.

Stephen: Some of the reasons that might have caused it include the limitations facing the curriculum and professional development and incorporating the new findings with the already existing ideas.

Audrey: A project has just been started to work on improving these conditions. Am sure that they will definitely come up with lasting solutions to these challenges like having quality education and making the K-12 more available to students.

Stephen: As we the years continue, more ideas should be established on improving this education system.

Audrey: What we are learning now should be what will enable to us to generate those ideas when we start practicing our careers.

Stephen: I admire the present careers in the education field. They are several so a person has wide range to choose from

Audrey: Oh yes, they include teaching, counseling, career consultant, administrator and other opportunities.

Stephen: Career opportunities in the education field are in a wide range, one chooses what they desire to practice.

Audrey: I specifically desire to be a literature lecturer because enjoy English and theatre arts that accompany it. I would like to assist students to identify their talents in this field and show them how to nurture them.

Stephen: Am good in business subjects and I do enjoy them as well. I will specialize in lecturing business courses so that I acquire administrative knowledge of business ventures. This will impart knowledge of administrating the university when I become a chancellor.

Audrey: It was nice conversing with you.

Stephen: Pleasure is mine too.









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