Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Preparedness

Purpose Statement

The prediction of Earthquakes is key subject in live saving


The occurrence of earthquake is very impulsive and it involves swift trembling of the earth. This action is generated by the splitting and movement of rocks underneath the earth’s shell. The general property of earthquake is that they clout abruptly devoid of forewarning. Through this way, they may occur during any time thus causing disaster. When the ground trembles during earthquakes, structures and suspension bridges are destroyed. Other distasteful activities that occur include dislocation of gas pipes, electricity, and phone network connections. In addition, this disaster generates mudslide, flooding, and fires.

The worst effect of earthquake is the production of tsunami as quoted by Beach (2010). This is triggered by the eruption of volcanoes and the mudslide. Consequently, this causes many deaths through drowning and extensive property damage. Therefore, due to the severe consequences of earthquake, there s need for the people living in the affected areas to be prepared. This preparedness regards to the actions that are premeditated to help persons, trade industry, and government. This awareness is focused on preventing more deaths and to help people to know safety precautions in building. Through this awareness, people gain knowledge pertaining methods of constructing houses in those affected areas.

Preparedness includes designing structures that have the capability to resists earthquakes. This process of preparedness involves rebuilding the old structures in order to increase their approachability during earthquakes. People in these affected regions are advised to build undersized houses. Therefore, through this way this improvement entails saving lives and minimizing the extent of property damage. According to Hough (2010), earthquake prediction is applicable as a method of preparedness that incorporates the measurement of the magnitude of the earthquake. This is also helpful in disaster management where people are evacuated from those earthquake prone areas. This prevents many deaths in those areas and hence enhancing disaster management. The government has also encouraged traders and household owners to acquire the kits of earthquake that will be enough for three days. With proper estimation, this time s believed to be enough for circulation of tragedy services. In addition, the government facilitates the printing of earthquake awareness books that work in conjunction with the disaster kits. The other way of preparedness is the removal of massive objects from towering places to lower grounds. Additionally, there is replacement of halogen lights with the luminous in order to curb fire peril.

Key Research Questions

  1. What is an earthquake?
  2. Briefly describe causes of earthquakes.
  3. Explain effects of earthquakes.
  4. What is a tsunami?
  5. Highlight four causes of tsunami
  6. Give six adverse effects of tsunami.
  7. What is earthquake preparedness?
  8. Explain three methods of earthquake preparedness.
  9. Describe how buildings are constructed in the regions that are affected by the earthquake disaster.
  10. Give six importance of earthquake preparedness.
  11. With reference to preparedness, explain earthquake predictions and its importance in the affected areas.
  12. What is the role of government in disaster management?

Proposed paper outline

Earthquake Preparedness

  1. Earthquake
    • Causes of earthquake
    • Effects
    • Prediction
  2. Earthquake preparedness.
  • Personal preparedness

i) Emergency kit

ii) Luminous lights

iii) Battery power

  • General preparedness

I. Strong building

II. Removal of heavy elevated objects

  • Importance of earthquake preparedness
  1. Questions






Beach, M. (2010). Disaster preparedness and management. Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis Co.

Hough, S. E. (2010). Predicting the unpredictable: The tumultuous science of earthquake prediction. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

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