Digital Storytelling Of Muslim Scholar Inventions Adapted From Islamic Ancient Manuscript

Digital Storytelling of Muslim Scholar Inventions Adapted From Islamic Ancient Manuscript

            Acquiring data for the project at hand has to follow a particular procedure, which can ensure that the data collected, has been authenticated hence steering to the successful completion of the project. Digitization of the Islamic ancient manuscripts has not been ventured into by many scholars hence most of the data on the subject can only be acquired from the internet sources. In this case, the procedure to be followed is the visitation of as many websites on this topic as possible such that the data contained in them can be compared to come up with the final data that can be deemed authentic. The selected procedure implies that the researcher must have unlimited and fast access to the internet such that he is not interrupted when conducting his research.

Conversely, the research cannot be conducted on one day because different websites have to be accessed. Some of the websites may contain little information about the topic at hand hence the researcher has to go through a lot of irrelevant information to extract what he needs. It also implies that collecting data from this project might be easier and time saving because it is not necessary for the researcher to go to the field to collect the needed data, which is time saving and costly. For the information to be obtained from the internet, search engines have to be utilized. Consequently, the search engines necessitate the utilization of some parameters especially when navigating through surmountable data. The parameters to be used in this case, are param1=val1 and param2=val2.

The variables that these parameters stand for have to be identified at first before the application of the parameters because the parsing form data is plagued by the problem of the omission of some values or the parameters may end up having more than one value. In this case, to authenticate the data such that the analysis step is made easier, the values being represented by the parameters must be identified with immediate consideration. The reasons behind the utilization of the above procedure in collecting the data to be employed in this project is because it is cost efficient and saves time for the researcher such that the project can be presented after a short-time while at the same time containing authentic data. Another reason for the application of this procedure is the fact that not many people have studied into the subject hence the only amount of formal data that can be acquired is situated in the internet.

Collecting data from the field necessitates the employment of different methods of data collection. This can be cumbersome especially when the completion of a project is under time restraint. Therefore, collecting the needed data through this procedure can enable the researcher to meet his deadlines comfortably without compromising on the authenticity of the project in question. This project is one that is geared towards enlightening people on the importance of the digitization of the Islamic Ancient manuscripts hence it requires to be completed at a faster rate so that scholars can embark on the recommendation made in the project. This is to ensure that the information contained in the manuscripts is accessed by the Islamic faithful who are studying towards understanding their religion at a higher perspective. Therefore, it is fundamental for the above procedure to be employed as the project can be completed at a record time.

For the analysis of the data collected through this procedure to be unbiased, the researcher must ensure that the parameters employed clearly represent certain values so that confusion can be avoided especially in cases where one parameter represents two values. Analyzing data in which the parameters stand for a certain value can be easy and more focused. The data collected from different websites will be compared to come up with the final data so there is no way the analysis of this data can be biased as surmountable data has been compared. The data collected will be reliable and valid because it will be based on comparisons and not on data from one source that may be biased. Data from different sources cannot be biased as comparison ensures that an average is obtained from all the data available. This authenticates the employment of the above procedure in the collection of all the data required for the successful completion of the project at hand.

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