Comparison between Microsoft and Apple

Comparison between Microsoft and Apple

            Microsoft and Apple are the two biggest companies currently when it comes to computer manufacture and the consumer electronics industry. The two companies have vast similarities and differences. The two companies launched their corporate structure within a short period of each other. They are the highest earning main rivals and best innovators in the market currently and their products are the most widely used.

Apple Incorporated, formerly known as Apple Computer Incorporated, focuses its efforts on the manufacture and design of consumer electronics like mobile phones, personal computers and television sets and other closely related software products. The Microsoft Corporation on the other hand is an American computer technology company that deals with the development, manufacture, licensing and support of major software products for computers.

The Apple Company is best known for its personal computer make, the Macintosh and other entertainment gadgets like the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. The items are being constantly improved and technologically advanced and have been received quite well in the consumer market. The Microsoft Company is best known for their Operating System, Microsoft windows and the Microsoft office applications. In the software market Apple has produced the iLife creativity and multimedia software. It has also ventured on the film and audio industry, producing the Final Cut Studio Software. Other inventions from Apples kitchen include the iTunes media browser and the Mac Operating System X.

In terms of production and the entering of new technologies into the market, Apple have a rather different strategy than that of Microsoft. Microsoft wishes to dictate and acquire any new feature that enters the market and dominate it. Apple on the other hand like developing infant ideas and making them big.  Apple identifies infant technologies and ideas that are rather unexploited and develops them to give them the appeal of the mass market and possibly satisfy the needs of the greater market. The examples of these are the iPhone, the iPod, the GUI, the Multitouch and the iTunes. Microsoft on the other hand does identify already established technologies and ideas and wishes to take part of or all of their success. It does this by using the power it already has and its size in the industry to deal with the competition until it gains the market. The examples include Xbox, MSN, Bing, Zune, Windows mobile and Windows.

Apple mostly centers its approach in making new products that shall enable it generate profit regardless of what the product is. Microsoft on the other hand approaches the line of production with the aim of becoming the dominating company in the market regardless of the profit it makes. Most technology companies have been following Microsoft’s strategy of dominating the market regardless of profits terming it as the best strategy for a future oriented company. However, apple has been running well with good profits for a considerable amount of years without the aim of domineering and there arising any problems.

In terms of marketing of the internet features, the companies also have different strategies. Apple does its selling using a minimalist marketing strategy, design and interfaces. The company narrows down the clutter to a minimum and assumes that the users do not have the time to wade through the internet searching for endless options. The company designs its services for the people with less time and more money. Microsoft on the other hand is designed to give the consumer the most options possible. The company assumes the consumer shall spend hours searching for the best option according to them. The company’s search wizards guide the consumer on the best way to make a choice. Microsoft does this since its target customers are the consumers with more time and less money. For instance apple offers only one option for buying music; iTunes, while Microsoft offers thousands of search criterion and options. This shows that the two companies’ marketing strategies for computer products are meant for different customers.

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