Classics English Literature

Classics English Literature

In this song, the speaker’s inability to relate to other people specifically women has resulted into the conversation that is playing in his mind as he writes the song. The pieces of his past seem to be so many to a point where he does not compose his song in a logical manner. In the first stanza of the song, the “us” he refers to is “he”. This is an indication that, the person is so used to staying all by himself to a point where he addresses the other part of his mind the same way a person makes a conversation with a friend. The major indication of his loneliness is the repeated use of questions to himself. The composer of the song is desperately in a deep thought where he weighs all the aspects of his life. He is so keen on what other people say about him. His state of desperation is depicted in the song. He thinks about a person that he can share the problems he is encountering in life. This is a proof that he does not have a friend he can confide in. This shows that the person writing this song is socially isolated. The person referred to in the song is so lonely to an extent that he cannot have a close contact another person.

This song talks about the loneliness that is being experienced by the composer of this song. In the song, “Lonely”, by Akon, we see the state of loneliness that he is experiencing after breaking up with his girlfriend. This is evident from his song when he sings, “I’m so lonely, I have nobody, to call my own”. This line from his song shows that, Akon is in a state of loneliness where no one can solve his problems apart from his ex-girlfriend. This is depicted from his song when he says that he had nobody to call his own. In his song, Akon shows his audience how much he loved his girlfriend. He is lonely because he made a mistake to have let her go. In the song, Akon reveals that his girlfriend always made him happy and with her absence, he was not happy any more. The two songs have the same theme of loneliness but the speakers’ states of loneliness have resulted from different causes. Alfred is lonely for he is socially isolated whereas Akon is lonely for he broke up from his lover.

The two songs, “The Love Song by J. Alfred Prufrock” and the song, “Lonely”, by Akon are similar in the sense that they are all love songs talking about loneliness. This is because the speaker in the love song by J. Alfred is said to be so socially isolated to an extent that, he could not relate with any other person and especially women. In his song, the “us” that he refers to in the first stanza is himself for he is used to conversing to his inner self. His self-esteem is so low such that he wonders whether he is worth anything better in his life. His attitude towards women has been brought out where he says that, “I should have been a pair of ragged claws / Scuttling across the floors of the silent seas”. This is an indication that the speaker is not sure about himself. This is an indication of a low self-esteem.

The song Lonely by Akon is different in the sense that his loneliness is not out of a low self-esteem. His case is different for he claims to be lonely for his girlfriend had left her. Despite the fact that he was so lonely to a point where he had to repeat the lines “I’m so lonely” after every stanza in his song, his self-esteem is not affected. The two songs are different in that Akon has the courage to face women for he once had a girlfriend, whereas the other speaker is said to have feared women for his lack of courage. Despite the fact that the two songs have the theme of loneliness, the causes of loneliness for the two speakers is very different.

In conclusion, it can be drawn that, most of the lyrics in almost all songs are written by the composers mostly about their life experiences. This is evident from the two songs where Akon and Alfred express their loneliness through the songs that they have sung. It is through their words that they use in their music that the readers can know the theme and the characters of different composers of music. In our case, it is clear that the speakers are lonely but the causes for their states of loneliness are quite different. Akon is lonely for he has let go of his girlfriend and his lover whereas, Alfred is lonely for he is socially isolated from other people, which has resulted to his low self-esteem.


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