Case Scenario

Case Scenario

The Oily Rags Stay on the Plant.

It is clear that oily rags are not only a not good site to behold but they are also a health hazard since they cannot decompose. Before deciding whether the oily rags should stay on the plant or not, there should be proper disposal of them. This should be done by putting them in metal cans and closing them at all times. The rags can then be put a few meters away from the building before they are properly disposed off. However, these bins should be put away from direct sunlight. After they are full, the proper EPA method of disposing them should be followed (EHS, 2011).

Fleet Operations’ Responsibilities

            As the oily rags have been put in metal cans, any occurrence of fires will be contained in the bin. The Fleet Operations must make sure that the rags are taken to the designated area recommended by the EPA (Environmental Protection agency) for oily rags disposal. This is because the burning of these rags was banned. It is also the duty of the department to make sure that the source of these oily rags is reduced. Policies should be put in place to minimize the number of oily rags being used. This will reduced the number of times the rags are being disposed off (EHS, 2011).

First Reactions

            The first action to such a case is to order the supervisor to put off the cigarette. This will be followed by explaining the hazards of lighting a cigarette in any plant leave alone a power plant. There are many flammable materials used in power plants and they can easily catch fire. The other thing is to explain to him about the health hazard associated with lighting a cigarette with such hands. The hands touch dirty gloves, which are used to sort out the garbage. The final thing is to ask a few more questions in relation to the radiation box that might help establish to make the relevant steps (EPA, 2007).

Radiation’s Hazard

               If the radiation sign indicates a significant hazard, it is important to stop the operations in that area especially any human operations. This will be done in order to avoid any health damage. The other thing is to consult the radiation experts in order to examine if there is an already done damage and its extent. The other thing is to find where the radiation material is so as not to cause further damage as it might still be in the vicinity. Strategies should be put in place in order to put such boxes in safer places and more secured so that such cases do not recur in the future (EPA, 2007).




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