Business Ethics

Business Ethics

The following case scenario involves two workers who work within the same organization. An unethical business conflict arises when one of the workers decides to open a business, which has similar operations with there current place work. This is evidenced by when the close ally is unable to inform the management about this business. This is because if she told them, she might jeopardize her friendship. However, if she decides to keep quiet while the business is discovered by the management and they realize that she knew, she might be fired.

It is unethical to open a business, which is the same as where you are working therefore, the worker can be said to be behaving unethically, by opening her company (Duska, 2007). Secondly, not going to work so that she can set up her business is also unethical. Thirdly, when she the other worker keeps quiet and then let herself suffer because of the other worker mistakes, it is also unethical for both of them, because she is keeping quiet and the other worker is letting the other one suffer by doing what she is supposed to do.

Since she does not want their friendship to end and neither does she want them to get fired, the most ethical thing that she would do to make it better and stop this behavior is first to explain to her fellow colleague what she is doing is ethically wrong (Kolb, 2008). She is overloading her with her work because of her mistakes and if she is to be caught and the management finds out that she knew, most likely she will be fired. After the colleague has explained this to her, she should kindly advice her on the repercussion. Therefore, a clear option should be given that she informs the management herself or the colleague involved will do it for her. Additionally, the colleague can try to explain to her that it will be better if the management heard the case/situation from her.



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