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The culture dimension is very crucial especially when it comes to negotiating and communication. According to Hall (1976), cultures can either fall along the low context or the high context continuum. In some cultures, communication is usually done through the use of low context messages. These messages are considered to be almost of ‘digital’ nature and can therefore be translated to computer units. The difference between high context cultures and the low context cultures is that, in the former, there is less information contained, when verbal expression is taking place. This is because the load of the information relies on the context. Communication context is also very high as it provides much detail, necessary for the understanding of the message. This paper will discuss the sales letter, with the aim of adapting it from its low context to that which is high.

Factors that Typify Low Context Persuasive Sales Messages

There are several factors that are typical of a low context persuasive sales message. However the factors that are found within the sales letter include the following.

  • It focuses mainly on message, displaying some kind of precision, especially when it comes to the important aspects of the letter. This means that the information is wholly vested within the code explicitly.
  • It contains a lot of information and very little context of the communication.
  • The message is considerably overt.
  • The letter is not status-oriented as the interpersonal relationships are hardly recognized like in the high context communications.
  • In the letter there is a straight forward use of expressions and styles. The reason for this is that there is hardly any context that is shared.
  • There is much emphasis on procedure, relationships as well as short-term goals.

Changes to be Made

In order for the letter to become a high context letter, it is necessary that certain changes are made to it. First and foremost, it is very important that the letter has more context rather than information that may otherwise be unnecessary. The information should either be in it physical context or even internalized within the person. It is also important that the messages are covert instead of overt. This is because in this context it can be shared. A high context letter should contain long-term goals rather than short-term goals.

High Context Version of the Letter


Dear Mr. Smith,

As a company, we do understand your appreciation for convenience and value. It is in this line that we wish to present to you this grand opportunity, which would satisfy both this needs. We have added to our products the Citibank credit card. Depending on your need, you can choose to apply for either a Visa card or Master Card.

There are certain advantages that come with the credit card. Apart from receiving reward points every time you use your card, the system is very convenient, as it allows you the flexibility to access your money from any place, no matter the time, as long as there is an ATM available. This will save you time that can be better utilized elsewhere. As a company we would like to appreciate your loyalty to us, by offering you a token worth $ 60. This can be used to purchase any items from the Innovations catalogue.

We do appreciate your continued standing with our bank and hope to see you soon to discuss more of the same.


Yours Sincerely,

Judy Powell,

Managing Director.



















Hall, E.T. (1976). Beyond Culture. New York, NY: Doubleday Publishers..

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