Analysis of the Judith Thomson’s violinist analogy

Analysis of the Judith Thomson’s violinist analogy






Analysis of the Judith Thomson’s violinist analogy

Judith Thomsons, who is the abortion defender, argues that in some cases abortion is morally justifiable especially when it comes to rape cases. However, she does not support abortion or agree that it is always permissible. Thomsons believes that in case the woman has been raped and impregnated, it is justifiable to terminate the pregnancy if only that pregnancy threatens the mother’s life. In order to help people understand the ethical dilemmas behind abortion, Thomsons employs diverse stories especially the violinist analogy in order to provide a clear justification of abortion for rape cases. Following the violinist analogy of Thomson in proving that abortion is right, I agree that her argument for abortion on rape cases would work.

I agree that employing the argument of Thomsons in abortion especially on rape cases will work. This is morally right because the woman has a right to her body. According to Smolkin (2010), Thomsons argues that nobody has the right to use another person’s body without permission. She asserts that removing the fetus from the body of the mother does not mean that the mother is depriving the fetus the right to life but rather depriving the child something. Therefore, it does not mean that through terminating the fetus, a woman infringes her ethical obligations. In fact, the one who rather decides to keep the fetus is like a Good Samaritan who surpasses her obligations.

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